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We have one for the F Plus itself -- why not one for all the other projects? :3

I'll start....

(Tweet something like: I mightest well wash my clothes.)
"Mightiest Well. King of All Wells. .... I'm gonna deduct myself a point for that one."
-Montrith, Quite Exasperating (not sure which episode)

Well this is the only time anything on clipsforsale has been described as Vanilla

"Let me state the opinion in more Lemons terms. Fonts, web design, Node.js, terrible fetish."
Lemon: "Got me pegged!"

(Quite Exasperating)

"Can I die yet?"
"I feel like a toxic waste dump"

That pony Ep gets rough

Sherman Tank:
"Fuck you."
–Everyone else in Extra Credit to me at some point


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