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December 10, 2022, 01:45:36 am

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Dec 9 08:05pm

Find An Episode (post #176)

#4, You've Got a Friend
Dec 9 07:09pm

Find An Episode (post #176)

Where was the first mention of the "well known food place"? Had to have been pretty early on, I think...
Dec 9 04:01pm

Dec 8 07:09pm

This song is objectively terrible, possibly the worst Rankin-Bass song I've ever heard, but I forgive it immediately because those little toy puppets are extremely cute.
Dec 8 06:23pm

Wasn't sure if I should put this in the cursed image thread or here.
Dec 8 10:28am
In sort of a similar but not quite the same situation (it's complicated) I just ordered some rip-off lego from China of whatever intellectual property they liked.
The problem as I see it is someone like that probably won't be motivated to make changes from "just a gift". Unless you know the manchild wants to make a change, it gets complicated.
But if they have said they want to do X, Y or Z, something that wouldn't contribute to their atrophy, you can probably give a gift that would in theory help with that.

So my thought behind the "legally we can't say we're lego but we are "compatible with leading brands"" kits is that at least they'll probably take the time to build it? Which is something. It's not much but it is something.

Atrophied (albeit also employed) video game weird checking in, Lego was my first thought, or maybe a miniature and some paints for a slightly craftier alternative?

Alternatively this is a little more out there but a lot of the nerds I know are big music people too, would he be interested in a ticket to see a band or maybe one of those video game music orchestra shows?
Dec 8 06:29am
Maybe a sci-fi novel that's nerdy enough for him not to dismiss but literary enough for you to give in good conscience? Le Guin or Dick or something along those lines.
Dec 8 06:13am
Cookbook is probably shooting the moon and wouldn't be appreciated, but I'm thinking maybe one of those Blue Apron things?

The prep time on those Blue Apron things might be too much for him if he's itchin' to get back to his Xbox. Looking around, I found this though your mileage may vary depending on how I-Can't-Doooo-Thiiiis-It's-Too-Haaaaard he's willing to be about trying new things.
Dec 8 02:27am
Cookbook is probably shooting the moon and wouldn't be appreciated, but I'm thinking maybe one of those Blue Apron things?
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