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December 08, 2023, 07:02:02 pm

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Topic: 368: Not Even Once-ler  (Read 10831 times)


  • Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?
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368: Not Even Once-ler
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368: Not Even Once-ler #1
No. God no. This is going to be my own personal sissykiss.
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368: Not Even Once-ler #2
They took go fuck yourself the wrongest way possible
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368: Not Even Once-ler #3
One contemporary environmental book to The Lorax was Paul Ehrlich’s The Onceleration Bomb, which proposed that the current rates of Onceler reproduction were unsustainable and that governments should implement a strict population control policy. It contained the memorable lines,

If all of the Oncelers keep breeding, you see,
We’ll watch half of them starving to death on TV!

These fears inspired the Charlton Heston film Seusslent Green.
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368: Not Even Once-ler #4
I was 12 when this movie came out and liked it enough to buy the soundtrack on itunes. I had loved the 70s animated versions of Dr. Seuss. To 12 year old me this super cool.  Then, I got my first feeling of "everything you like as a kid will be ruined by the internet". Because googling a movie at age 13, then finding the main character kissing himself isn't the vibe.
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368: Not Even Once-ler #5
Genuinely, thank y'all for this. A lot of stuff in my life fucking sucks right now and just being able to do the dishes this morning and laugh at The Boob-Loving Onceler helped it be a little better.
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368: Not Even Once-ler #6
Ed Helms (VA for the 2012 Onceler) found out about this and did not like it.
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368: Not Even Once-ler #7
As a clarification, because I hate being misunderstood, I did not go through and list which onceler ask-blogs were inactive, that was already on the wiki.
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368: Not Even Once-ler #8
Hey the song from the movie sucks!
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368: Not Even Once-ler #9
Incredibly quotable episode with multiple audible guffaws from me, most notably the description of Swampscler. Yes, exactly like Slenderman, sure, of course.
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368: Not Even Once-ler #10
Movie made me big mad.

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368: Not Even Once-ler #11


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368: Not Even Once-ler #12
Thneedful Things. Is this anything? I'm the idea guy here, I need someone else on the Internet to craft the actual joke for me

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368: Not Even Once-ler #13
Thneedful Things. Is this anything? I'm the idea guy here, I need someone else on the Internet to craft the actual joke for me
Tenerence, March 01, 2022, 03:58:38 am

"here's some oncest fics, please do the thneedful"
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368: Not Even Once-ler #14
Thneedful Tings sells skimpy wool clubbing outfits for hot girls in toronto
Salubrious Rex Tenerence