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November 28, 2022, 12:42:02 pm

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Topic: CTRL+V and post it  (Read 335483 times)


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CTRL+V and post it #1350
Gentlemen, Russia was mentioned here in the discussion. It is with regret that I have to talk about a monarchical paradox regarding Russia. In today's realities, the restoration of the Romanov Dynasty in Russia is not only unlikely; this is still very undesirable, first of all, for Russian monarchists.

I will explain my point. Gentlemen, you all know that Russia was under communist occupation more than other states (Vladimir Lenin himself admitted: "Russia has been CONQUERED by the communists!"). The communist dictatorship existed for almost three quarters of a century - from 1917 to 1991 - and those were terrible, terrible times. I'm not even talking about terror; in Russia, private property was alienated, there was no economic freedom, family wealth was condemned and considered illegal. I went through these times, it was scary.

Rebirth The counter-revolution in August 1991, it seemed to us, ended the communist dictatorship. In the 1990s, Russians did not live very well, but freedom emerged - economic and political. The same freedom was in Russia only once: after the proclamation of the Manifesto of Emperor Nicholas in October 1905, only 12 years, from 1905 to 1917. But the Revival, the counter-revolution of 1991 did not do the main thing: there was no decommunization, no lustration of former communist functionaries and KGB officers was carried out, no restitution of private property, which the communists took from our grandfathers after 1917, was not carried out.

The results of this are seen by people all over the world: after 2000, Soviet reactionaries came to power and took revenge. Today, of course, not as bad as it was under Stalin, but still very unpleasant: the opposition is being persecuted, independent small business is being ruined, power and money remain in the hands of the former communist nomenklatura. Add to this the information policy of revanchism, the "brainwashing", the actual justification and exaltation of Joseph Stalin. This is very unpleasant ... You can ask me, gentlemen: "What does the Monarchy have to do with it? And why is the Restoration of the Romanov Dynasty bad, in such conditions? ..." I will answer you.

Today, there is no unity among the Russian Imperial House of Romanov. But none (!) Of the Romanovs never publicly or behind the scenes condemned what was happening. Moreover: Princess Maria Vladimirovna, for example, has repeatedly said that she is AGAINST decommunization, AGAINST property restitution. She said: "This will cause a split in society, this should not be allowed." Both Princess Maria Vladimirovna and her son Georg have repeatedly publicly expressed their sympathy and support for the current ruler of Russia, approved this policy ... they even took pictures against the background of the symbols of the communist revolution - the red flag and the cruiser Aurora. And we are very much afraid that "restoration" under such conditions will become just a screen for the Soviet Chekist Stalinist revenge; The Monarch's Crown will be a cover for all this Soviet communist abomination. Is this what we want in Russia? ...

Is this what our like-minded monarchists in the Free World want for Russia? ... Unfortunately, the modern Romanovs are too closely associated with the Kremlin. The Kremlin can use them to its advantage. Moreover, the Kremlin is doing this and will continue to do so.

Gentlemen, I have supported the Romanov Dynasty for more than thirty years, supported the Duke Vladimir Kirillovich and his daughter Princess Maria Vladimirovna. But the constant pro-Soviet statements of these people caused bitterness and bewilderment not only for me, but also for many monarchists in Russia. It seems that the Romanovs sincerely sympathize with the Kremlin leaders ... alas, it looks like that.

I believe that the best option, in the case of the Restoration in Russia, would be to invite not Princess Maria Vladimirovna and her son George to the hypothetical Russian Throne. If the Monarchy in Russia is ever restored, the best candidate is the one that is farthest from the modern Russian government and has nothing to do with it. Such a candidate could be, for example, His Highness the Duke Michael of Kent, or some other representative of the Royal House of Great Britain. The British Monarchy, which exists today, is the direct heir and guardian of the tradition and the Russian Monarchy, and we know about it. Let it be so: let the Royal House of Windsor preserve this legacy. If sometime in Russia the time comes for the Restoration, then the future King of Russia will come to us from Great Britain. God bless us.

Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam!
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CTRL+V and post it #1351
I will have baked fish, and I will drink Nostrano out of a thick glass, and draw slowly on long cigars, and spit into the glowing fireplace, think about my mother, and try to press a few drops of sweetness out of my anxiety and sorrow.  Then I will lie down in the inadequate bed beside the thin wall, listen to wind and rain, struggle with the beating of my heart, wish for death, fear death, call out to God.  Until it is all over, until doubt wears itself out, until something like sleep and consolation beckons to me.  So it was when I was twenty years old, so it is today, and so it will go on, until it ends.  Always, over and over, I will have to pay for my loved and lovely life with days like these.  Always, over and over, these days and nights will come, the anxiety, the aversion, the doubt.  And I will still live, and I will still love life.

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CTRL+V and post it #1352
although that lady did handle that broomhandle as though it were a bo staff...
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CTRL+V and post it #1353
Prisma de cubierta: un prisma de vidrio, insertado en la cubierta de un barco para iluminar los espacios oscuros debajo de esta.

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CTRL+V and post it #1354
He must have a right rich booty in there, considering the ones that go in and don't come out.


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CTRL+V and post it #1355
cute faggy incest-coded piss-obsessed transphobic groomer mousegirl with a little bit of rapeable problematic puppy tboy wag. 5yrs old, that/thats. tw scary, everyone dni.

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CTRL+V and post it #1356
Some programs refer to the therapy horse as an "equine partner".[1] Other programs view the horse as a "metaphor" with no defined role other than to "be themselves."[20] Equine Facilitated Wellness programs, particularly those following the EFW-Canada certification route view the horse as 'sentient being': "The equine is a sentient being, partner and co-facilitator in the equine facilitated relationship and process".[32]
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CTRL+V and post it #1357
The costume, as noted by the Daily Mail, is listed online as the “Devil’s Champion-Leather Armor” set and retails for $7,500.
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CTRL+V and post it #1358
@Bernienomics @jordanbpeterson Poly is hard in the current culture, and isn't for everyone. It requires unusually high IQ, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness, IMHO.
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