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July 01, 2022, 09:04:05 pm

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Jul 2 12:41am
Y'all forgot the most important part of Orgone bunk, NSFW you charge your orgone lumps by jerking off. Orgone is like a bastardization of orgasm.

So every time he is talking about charging crystals, he's jerkin it. Why is he buying a bucket of gravel from Lowes? To jizz on. Charging a big rock in a field? He jizzed on it. Communing with the Comittee? Probably jerking off while visualizing an inverted pyramid.
Jul 1 07:36pm
DR A: How was it for you guys? Where did your fetish come from?
HEAVE: Probably not trauma!
Jul 1 04:31pm
Jul 1 02:46pm
The Price is Right is a genius idea for a tv show, it's the simplest way to disguise ads as content
Jul 1 02:07am
I am very thankful that there are still some conspiracy people on the internet whose solutions to the problems of the world are making magic rocks and not terrorism.
Jun 30 06:37pm
Jun 30 04:05pm

CTRL+V and post it (post #1324)

Imagine being in actual therapy and telling your therapist: Yeah bro let's explore that, it'd be hype. Twitch makes everything so strange lmao
Jun 30 03:38pm
New confectionary idea: an Everlasting Gobstopper that actually works in real life. Just gotta change a few things because the sucking thing is obviously unfeasible. Name it Everlasting Chewstopper or something. No matter how much you chew it, it doesn't decrease in size. Make it out of some rubbery material so it's easy to chew. Perhaps even give it some flavor (mint, bubblegum, etc) to make it more fun to keep chewing. Anyway give me five hundred thousand dollars in venture capital.
Jun 30 01:47pm
I have learned that bonesmashing is a thing where you do light smashes of your facial bones in an attempt to restructure it and also there is a forum called looksmaxxing.com and I do not wish to investigate this further, thank you.
Jun 30 08:09am
Movie idea:

Grandpa dies in 2035 and in his will is the start of a treasure hunt to a treasure worth millions of dollars. The kids start doing a wacky treasure hunt following the clues but slowly things become darker as they get closer to the treasure and get more greedy. They start killing each other in "accidents" and for the final clue only two are left.
They have a long bare knuckle fight and the victor finally finds the treasure. It's a usb stick containing an offline crypto wallet. The kid doesn't know what the fuck, googles it and discovers the crypto currency is not only valueless but completely offline.

The end, no moral.
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