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October 27, 2021, 05:34:38 pm

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Topic: 345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy  (Read 4940 times)


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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #45
Nothing could be a clearer illustration of what Žižek has identified as the failure of the Father  function, the crisis of the paternal superego in late capitalism, than a typical edition of Supernanny. The program offers what amounts to a relentless,  although of course implicit, attack on postmodernity's permissive  hedonism. Supernanny is a Spinozist insofar as, like Spinoza, she takes it  for granted that  children are in a state of abjection. They are unable to recognize their own interests, unable to  apprehend either the  causes of  their  actions or their (usually deleterious) effects.  But the problems that Supernanny confronts do not arise from the actions or character of the children  -  who can only be expected to be idiotic hedonists - but with the parents. It is the parents' following of  the trajectory of the  pleasure principle, the path of least resistance, that causes most of the misery in the families. In a pattern that quickly becomes  familiar, the parents' pursuit of the easy life leads them to accede to their children's every demand, which become increasingly tyrannical.

From capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher. Introduction to chapter "Marxist Supernanny"
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