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April 10, 2021, 01:49:12 pm

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Topic: Episode 104 - Just the Few of Us  (Read 469 times)

Shell Game

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Episode 104 - Just the Few of Us
Mix Salubrious Rex


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Episode 104 - Just the Few of Us #1
i LITERALLY do not remember this in any way so i am a little afraid to un-repress whatever led to me forgetting about both making the doc and being on the ep
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Episode 104 - Just the Few of Us #2
That cold open hit me like a fucking freight train and the episode made me feel like I was being drawn and quartered.

Another instant classic!
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Episode 104 - Just the Few of Us #3
Gonna listen to this when I get home from work to warm up for Garbage Day. If Mix has completely blocked it out, I'm sure it'll make me wish for the sweet oblivion of an acne-fetish doc

EDIT: welp, listened to that. My lingering questions, besides "what the fuck, Allie:"

1. If you're an imaginary person someone made up to put a face to their occasional need to do chores, or whatever being a "caretaker and servant" entails, can you really be said to have impostor syndrome? You might just be a regular ol' impostor.

2. Are we completely sure that person from the intro doesn't just have Mike Shinoda living in their house? It seems like the most plausible option.

3. seriously allie what the shit, stop it
Shell Game
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Episode 104 - Just the Few of Us #4
What a lovely, infuriating episode.  10/10.  I enjoy multiple system content so much.
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Episode 104 - Just the Few of Us #5
Really enjoyed this episode! This style of episode, where the content isn't just gross or weird but actually viscerally offensive to the readers is really interesting. Though for the readers' own sake I'm glad it doesn't happen all that often!
Shell Game