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July 17, 2024, 08:30:24 am

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Topic: (most of) The F Plus episode library now on YouTube  (Read 6610 times)


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So, a little context first...

Up until recently,  our RSS feed had a link to our record on Google Podcasts. Google Podcasts was a product that never found an audience (despite being one of those base install apps on a lot of Android phones and Chromebooks) and now is getting added to the  Killed By Google obituaries. Further, just like when they did this to Google Play Music in order to try to get adoption onto the fledgling YouTube Music, the death of Google Podcasts is meant to make it so people use YouTube Music for podcasts.

But none of that really matters, the important thing is...

There is now a YouTube Playlist of F Plus episodes, and F Plus episodes are now set up to appear alongside any other YouTube content you watch, like uhhhh... poker tournaments from 2007 or the thing that Yahtzee is doing now that's Zero Punctuation with a different hat1. If you wanna listen to The F Plus on YouTube, you can do that now.

Quick note on that tho:

Unlike other podcast systems, YouTube is supplanting the medium. I have YouTube trained on the RSS feed, where it will automatically find any new episodes and create a video element using the episode MP3, cover image Jpeg, release date and show notes to build out a video and page for that specific episode - essentially sideloading it onto their platform. And while that's totally fine it does mean that all of these newly created entities are subject to platform policies, specifically those on music licensing.

It's worth mentioning here that I've intentionally never tried to monetize our channel, so you shouldn't see ads on videos served from The F Plus account, however there's another policy that says "If an unmonetized channel uses content from a different copyright holder, we might show an ad on that video and give the money to the other copyright holder." Their platform their rules.

  • Whatever's there on YouTube, hey - enjoy.
  • But that is not the primary source for episodes and therefore if there are any issues with any episodes whatsoever, my immediate preference will be to delete/unpublish that episode to avoid dealing with it
  • https://thefpl.us/episode/feed will always be the canonical source. Everything else is bootleg


1 maybe that's just me
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