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April 20, 2019, 08:12:08 pm

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1 Dr. Buttplug
Apr 21 01:10am
Could it be that black holes are like the vacuum hose and neutron stars are like a vacuum filter bag?

2 Turtle
Apr 20 11:38pm
Oh jesus christ I didn't even notice the far right line fuck what

3 Turtle
Apr 20 11:37pm
According to seating capacity, selloutedness, and city population, half of my city is currently attending the Garth Brooks concert.

4 Darkly
Apr 20 10:19pm

6 🧛‍♀️📘
Apr 20 05:52am
If you make insomnia illegal only criminals will have insomnia

7 Spooks
Apr 19 08:14pm
Blue Eyes White Dragon (Limp Bizkit cover)

8 Spooks
Apr 19 08:06pm
Y'all know when you type "LOL" but you ain't laughing IRL? How you make other people know you're really laughing for real is you type it out like this and it will work: "Trompe L'ol". Trust me works every time.

9 birdie
Apr 19 07:13pm
Got drunk yesterday and woke up all gross today
But then I ate a ton of watermelon and now I feel great
Note to self: watermelon best hangover helper

10 I Liked That Joke
Apr 19 03:56pm
One thing I've always appreciated about the show is how it takes the time to explore the ramifications of events for every character, so I wouldn't mind another ride on that carousel. also maybe getting into the backstory of the diamonds and the restructuring of a comic empire older than humanity? There's definitely meat on them bones
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