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January 29, 2020, 02:28:06 pm

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1 Shell Game
Jan 29 03:21pm
I'm gonna plow you so hard it erodes your topsoil
A Meat, Today at 06:21:03 am
Slash and burn, baby! B)

2 A Meat
Jan 29 12:21pm
I'm gonna plow you so hard it erodes your topsoil

3 krytton
Jan 29 09:05am
my favourite joke is when you incredulously echo any word that ends with a schwa and say "i hardly know 'er!"

4 Agent Coop Time!
Jan 29 04:19am
I used to be a big olde english fan but recently I've been indulging in some hurricane

5 Agent Coop Time!
Jan 29 04:17am
Damn next gen is so good for watching after work im gonna throw the comforter in the heater

7 woad
Jan 28 07:51pm
In case you're wondering what was in those boxes btw it was mostly ripped canvases and so many drawing dummies it looked like a mass grave.

8 chai tea latte
Jan 28 05:46pm
epic rap battles of history: 9x18mm makarov vs the back of yezhov's head

9 Salubrious Rex
Jan 28 02:24am
Dick move
Shaft shift
Schlong along
Penile procession
Knob shuffle
Cock advance

10 Spooks
Jan 27 09:50pm
Mr. Gorbachev, please, that wall be dummy thick...
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