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May 23, 2018, 07:39:20 pm

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1 A Meat
May 23 04:53pm
f(x)=x is short for "x"bert

2 LancashireMcGee
May 23 04:48pm
If Cargo isn't the sequel to Fargo, why is Martin Freeman in both of them?

You really need to see Dargo and Eargo to get the context.

3 Spooks
May 23 01:59pm
The URL SiriusBlacked.com is available for sale.

The URL infurwars.com is available for sale.

4 Love2ShermanTank4Women
May 23 04:43am
I've recently learned more about cooking and it's made this episode even grosser.

5 Wrought
May 23 02:04am
If Cargo isn't the sequel to Fargo, why is Martin Freeman in both of them?

6 Wrought
May 23 01:23am
Trying to memorize something? Ankidroid is good for that! It lets you make either your own custom set of flash cards or download from flash cards uploaded by others. It uses spaced repetition, so instead of looking at something dumb you already know every day, you only need to study it once the information is starting to decay in your brain. Or whatever. I'm not a memory expert. It's useful though!

7 KingKalamari
May 22 11:23pm
I might actually go so far as to suggest that the school was originally founded as a decent school with a focus on the arts whose funding took a serious nose dive over the past few decades. It would explain why the school has so many resources for art-related stuff kicking around (It's all leftovers from when they were actually properly funded) while explaining why a lower-middle class family like the Belchers are able to send their kids to it. It would also explain why a school that small originally had a dedicated ceramics room.

I think it also fits with what we know of the unnamed town in which the Belchers reside: It seems to be a pretty small seaside town that gets most of its income from tourism (Explaining the variety of festivals and fairs that go on throughout the year) with a relatively small local population. Wagstaff was probably built with high hopes that the local population was going to explode as a result of all the people coming and going, only to fizzle out when it became apparent no one was moving in.

8 Lemon
May 22 09:31pm

ballp.it Changelog (post #114)

Made some assorted changes to the CSS, mostly to the mobile stylesheet. The header is a bit shorter on both sides, fixed a couple of weird errors I was noticing in the mobile display.

If anyone has a design for a new ballp.it snake, get at me, I'd like to try something...

9 Victor Laszlo
May 22 08:41pm
We all know the big players, but I bet a lot of you all are like me and have found little lifehack-ish websites or apps that make life just a touch easier.  Some of these are things a person might not ever think to look for.  Let's share!

I am a big fan of This To That because I am frequently trying to attach things to other things and finding them not sticking as well as I'd like.  It's damn helpful.

We are a two-professional home with two children with school and various activities.  I find Calendar Home to be a quick and easy source of printable blank calendars, and it has various date calculation functions as well.

I spent years writing myself notes on index cards (perfectly pocket sized) but always lost the cards, or didn't have the right card in my pocket at the right time.  I now use ResophNotes on my desktop in conjunction with Simplenote on my iPhone, and I can now write myself cloud-synced notes wherever I am.

10 A Meat
May 22 06:56pm
'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush' takes on a very different meaning when the bird is a cock
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