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September 25, 2020, 02:41:01 pm

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1 Dr. Buttplug
Sep 25 06:47pm
If ya'll need another artist to stream at an odd hour I have the equipment and would love to participate.

2 Tipsy Almond
Sep 25 06:18pm
Been chewing through Tigtone on Amazon. They captured the Chaotic Lawful Murder Hobo trope very well.

3 worms
Sep 25 05:49pm
buy my new book, tweet yourself healthy, in all good bookshops today

4 ViviVixen
Sep 25 03:21pm
The reveal at the end that they’re a christian rock station was perfection.

5 three cats in a self-driving car
Sep 25 02:15pm

Porn Poems (post #64)

jager-sucher (yeah-good-sucker)
chai tea latte, September 23, 2020, 03:39:22 pm

Uhm excuse me but the German ch sound found in Sucher is a voiceless velar fricative and definitely not a ck sound.

I expected better from the ballp.it porn poem thread, smh.

6 Lemon
Sep 25 01:59pm

7 Dr. Buttplug
Sep 25 11:32am

296: SWORDS!!! (post #62)

I was just relistening to this episode and something struck me that I didn't think about until now.

What possible reason would somebody have to purchase bootleg amoxicillin from a catalog website?
Lemon, Yesterday at 09:41:59 pm
It treats bacterial infections of the throat and stomach, must be sword swallowers.

8 Mr. Hunky Academia
Sep 25 10:19am

296: SWORDS!!! (post #62)

If you are poor and can't afford health insurance it's going to be more expensive to get an appointment and a prescription I guess. Same reason people are buying fish antibiotics.

9 Shell Game
Sep 25 09:10am
If I'm gonna sleep through the day, am I really bad for deciding to stay up when I can't get to sleep at night?

10 A Meat
Sep 25 07:52am
Concerned I might be turning into an anime because I keep getting nosebleeds this week.
Salubrious Rex, Yesterday at 11:24:29 pm
it's your choice: anime transformation or global warming
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