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November 15, 2019, 06:40:50 am

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1 GirlKisser420
Nov 15 09:16am
You see Footage and you stay Noided?

Haha me too thats relatable.

2 Spooks
Nov 15 08:44am

CTRL+V and post it (post #967)

In the film Earth Girls Are Easy, the aliens are given a makeover at the "Curl up and Dye" Salon. There is a short sequence showing the TARGA video card, and TIPS paint software in action.

3 Adam Bozarth
Nov 15 07:35am

204: Slap 'Em Sane (post #69)

I found it via ADK's page on his cure!

4 Sauce
Nov 15 01:13am

204: Slap 'Em Sane (post #69)

This was posted to YouTube in 2016, but I just found it. And it rips. Sounds like a lost Clinic B-side.

Adam Bozarth, November 03, 2019, 04:12:27 pm
You're not going to mention it has the AK-B Seal of Approval?

5 Victor Laszlo
Nov 14 08:46pm

The loser demanded a recanvass, which changed the vote tally by exactly one vote: a write-in vote for Blackii Effing White was not counted on Election Day but was added in the recanvass.

Even still, in his concession speech the fucking asshole still whined about improperly counted absentee ballots (without any evidence) because he’s a fucking asshole. 

7 Sauce
Nov 14 03:30pm
Finally got around to listening to this and it's gold. Victor's segment reminds me of something that happened to my fiancée though.

She did a module on autism at the University of Puerto Rico, and apparently one lecturer was a believer in certain pseudoscience... to the extent that they handed out copies of the Wakefield "study" as course material, telling everyone to just ignore the fact that it had RETRACTED stamped across the whole thing in red block capitals.

8 JamEngulfer
Nov 14 11:04am
This episode was amazing! I think everyone's reactions really made it.

Also I think Toast's segment might be the first instance of jam being consumed on the podcast...

10 GirlKisser420
Nov 14 01:45am
Just saw a guy with a shirt that I thought said “Irony” but saw it was “Brony” and then realised it actually said Bronx. I experienced an entire heroes journey of emotions in those 10 seconds.
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