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September 19, 2020, 07:26:55 pm

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11 auaurorau
Sep 19 08:09am
this post brought to you by nuts. nuts, nature's meat.

12 A Meat
Sep 19 07:27am
It's messed up that a Tsuchinoko has only been in a single Shin Megami Tensei game (don't remember which persona 2 it's in as a rumor), and it was only an enemy.

13 A Meat
Sep 19 07:17am

335: Planet Horny (post #15)

The whole ABO classification spiel sounded more like someone describing the standard model of elementary particles than it sounded like sex roleplay

14 Shell Game
Sep 19 04:14am

335: Planet Horny (post #15)

15 KingKalamari
Sep 19 02:44am

335: Planet Horny (post #15)

Alright, two things I wanted to address here:

First of all, I'm a person who really enjoys worldbuilding as an activity, but remain heavily of the "form follows function" philosophy when it comes to that sort of stuff. Basically what that means is that you come up with a broad idea for a setting, and then flesh out the details as they become necessary for the story/comic/tabletop game you're building the world for. If you don't do that you end up like the people featured in this episode, who spend all of their time working out the logistics of nonsense bullshit no one will ever care about.

I feel like years of nerds picking apart inconsistencies in the world building in popular media works has left a lot of aspiring internet focus with this unhealthy focus on making the logistics of their stories internally consistent at the expense of, you know, actually writing a goddamned story. No one cares about the goddamned gender classification system in your Omegaverse fan fiction, they want to see Jensen the catperson fucking Jared the dogperson! Focus on the details that support that!

Second: It kind of got lost in all the stilted dialogue and sexy nonsense in the FutaIsekai story, but I really like the totally relatable train of thought the main character had going.

"Hmm, I seem to have wandered into an unfamiliar town at 9:40 at night. I shall go ask the first person I see to give me a guided tour of this town, like a normal human would!"

17 ViviVixen
Sep 19 01:57am

335: Planet Horny (post #15)

Only semi-related, but hearing Bunnybread announce an event raising money for abortion service providers was exactly what my heart needed tonight. Thanks FPlus. ❤️

18 Shell Game
Sep 19 12:49am

335: Planet Horny (post #15)

I didn’t cut the futanari material because I figured that was the mohel’s job.
Cheapskate, Yesterday at 06:39:04 pm
I fucking hated it.

Thank you.

19 Cheapskate
Sep 18 11:39pm

335: Planet Horny (post #15)

I didn’t cut the futanari material because I figured that was the mohel’s job.

20 Vinny Possum
Sep 18 11:13pm
Here's my niche opinion: I prefer RC Cola over Pepsi.
Great Joe, Yesterday at 06:17:49 am

Finally a man of taste and culture.
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