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November 23, 2020, 11:52:34 pm

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11 adrenochrome dome
Nov 22 11:49pm
I'm always impressed by Tolkien's linguistic genius.

12 Great Joe
Nov 22 10:52pm

Garbage Day 2020 (post #90)

There's something about Daniel Songer being read out in the voice of Seinfeld that just had me laughing out loud through the whole thing.

13 Puppy Time
Nov 22 05:21pm

Garbage Day 2020 (post #90)

I am only now able to catch up on the hours I missed and I want Boots to know that his song for Veggie Boards is probably the funniest thing I have heard all year. Maybe multiple years.

14 auaurorau
Nov 22 10:46am
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Horny Frenchman Too Stubborn For Therapy

15 Spooks
Nov 22 07:06am
You, a philistine: A-bloo-bloo-bloo, I love drinking tea.
Me, an intellectual: Mmm. Ah yes. The phenomenology of spearmint.

16 Cradicus
Nov 22 03:17am
Just got mine wearing it now. This is the greatest thing!

17 Secret Gaygent 69
Nov 21 10:15pm
So it turns out people so obsessed with world building that they want have a conlang for it tend to be nuts. Go figure. Also, a lot of these languages are just plain dumb. I had a lot of fun working on this doc and traveling to a bunch of different places for sources.

18 A Meat
Nov 21 09:26pm
A fight between Ziggy Marley and Femi Kuti to decide who is the most powerful son
Mr. Hunky Academia, November 21, 2020, 12:58:55 pm
is Dweezil Zappa the judge

19 Mr. Hunky Academia
Nov 21 06:58pm
A fight between Ziggy Marley and Femi Kuti to decide who is the most powerful son

20 eldritchhat
Nov 21 06:33pm
It's been a while since I've worked on any music projects, so I thought I might do a few mashups for fun using the template of F Plus Praises. I really haven't seen anyone else working on remixes, so maybe mine will give other people some inspiration for their own ideas.

PC Skinny Melody (PC Christmas Poem + The Residents + Talking Heads):

25 Ways in Vain (25 Ways to Say No to Drugs + The GO! Team + Tom Waits + The Clash)

Ouch World and Snow Hold (Ouch/No Bars Will Hold Me + DEVO + They Might Be Giants + Violent Femmes)

Feel free to reply to this with your own remixes if you come up with any.
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