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April 10, 2021, 10:29:31 pm

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Apr 8 05:54pm
I learned that there's an API and community for creating and implementing achievements in games too old to have any.

Why am I posting it here? Well, on Github one of its components is named rcheevos. Also I learned about it thanks to these changelog notes:
Apr 8 05:38pm
Thanks for reminding me that I might still have muscle memory dedicated to playing mangled renditions of MCR songs using the tones on my old Nokia phone that I could have used for being good at shuffling cards or something really useful.
Apr 8 12:55pm
I just realised I still remember what phone keys each letter corresponds to off the top of my head and it bothers me that I haven't forgotten that yet, that knowledge will never be useful ever again and I haven't needed it for nearly 10 years now.
Apr 8 08:39am
As an Australian it’s very easy for me to uncritically support the radical nationalist violence of the IRA in their attempts to force a United Ireland, which is why I’m going to keep doing it
Apr 8 06:14am

258: Do Not Pass Go (post #37)

That furry game is really just adult Mystery Date.

Shell Game, July 31, 2017, 03:26:07 pm

I was thinking Mystery Date but I think it's actually a direct ripoff of this Sweet Valley High board game (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/6563/sweet-valley-high) I had when I was a kid. You need to pick a partner and collect what you need for your date (but instead of fetishes and sex toys, it's an outfit, props, and a teacher chaperone to go on the date with you. Same difference.) It lacks the randomness factor you get in Mystery Date, and the only thing they changed was that when you get a date in SVH you get to stop playing, but for Furpile I guess you just keep going until you're too horny.

(Sometimes listening to a podcast to go to sleep is a bad idea, when you're a real gamer with real gamer knowledge.)
Apr 8 06:02am
Xmas in April
Apr 8 05:58am

CTRL+V and post it (post #1141)

I apologize for how long this is. It is VERY dumb.
Apr 8 03:15am
There's a ghost kitchen near me that sells something it calls "Butter Paneer Sexy Fries".

It doesn't describe itself as poutine in any way - in fact, the menu item has no photo or description - but finally I ordered it.

Was this poutine?

Apr 8 12:26am
Wipeout looks pretty easy. I'd do it but I don't want to make the course designers look bad
Apr 8 12:06am
They were showing Hellboy 2 (Guillermo del Toro) on TNT. Life is abundant
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