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January 29, 2020, 01:49:09 pm

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12 Dr. Buttplug
Jan 27 01:27pm

CTRL+V and post it (post #980)

I wrote the review as a gag, I'm amused that even the hotel didn't object to it being posted in full.

13 Agent Coop Time!
Jan 27 02:06am
I wish i could spend a weeks worth of latinum at the dabo table

14 A Meat
Jan 26 02:36pm
Thinking about having to lay out newspaper like you're housetraining a puppy to plaster a form of your dick...
Shell Game, January 26, 2020, 01:27:08 am
You just do it after making a plaster cast of a lady's derriere, the prep for both is the same

15 Shell Game
Jan 26 07:27am
Thinking about having to lay out newspaper like you're housetraining a puppy to plaster a form of your dick...

16 chai tea latte
Jan 26 06:52am
you wish for a book of the new sun prestige tv drama. The monkey's paw curls and Adam Driver is cast as Severian

17 chai tea latte
Jan 26 02:36am
ourobouros can have little an ourobouros. As a treat.

18 finlaypatrickduffill
Jan 26 02:24am

blog and comic (post #1)

new video series in which i program a chessboard + all of the game objects in .php using no classes and 4 functions: file_get_contents, fwrite, php_session and fopen. it takes a cosmetic approach to the game logic.

there's also this other series where i'm making a forum with sessions wrapped in sql, a userbase and a crude facsimile of phpbb.

video about a puzzle console app i made

my dream is to know enough about c++ sdl or c++ opengl to make a roguelike

19 cat_examiner
Jan 25 11:41pm
The Army should just give every soldier an m249 SAW instead of regular guns. The m249 is bigger and deals more damage, it just makes sense
GirlKisser420, January 25, 2020, 05:27:04 am


fighters in fullplate simply cannot move with a saw; even with mithral chainmail you'd get outrun by a dwarf on a hoverboard

and no, using a portable hole is only legal for indirect fire / AoE; there isnt enough air in the hole to run direct fire

20 GirlKisser420
Jan 25 11:31pm
The world needs a new Neil cicierga mouth album now more than ever 
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