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July 16, 2019, 02:19:05 pm

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11 Bobguinary Novel
Jul 16 05:26am
I can't wait to get one of these, hold onto it for a lifetime, and when my nephew inherits my things after I pass I'll put in my will that it's vitally important that has find a cassette player. He'll finally find one, pop in the tape, and then get to hear about doomsday peppers, crazy wizards, and terrible fetishes.

Buy a cassette and troll your kin from beyond the grave

12 jack chick
Jul 16 05:21am

13 Bobguinary Novel
Jul 16 05:06am
Beefeater is solid. If you're looking for even cheaper New Amsterdam isn't bad, but the trade-off for less rubbing alcohol burn is a slightly sweet orange taste? It's hard to explain. Any cheaper than that you might as well just get vodka

14 jack chick
Jul 16 05:04am

15 Sherman Tankoid
Jul 16 04:23am
I've always been willing to settle for Gordon's but YMMV.

16 Neal
Jul 16 03:27am
Hey, folks, recommend me a gin that is good but won't break the bank.

19 Shell Game
Jul 16 12:24am
Did I inflict the tonic that i make myself because I can't actually afford to keep much in my fridge?

Bourbon, apple cider vinegar, and a little honey. On ice.

Wipes out my mouth but i love vinegar so...

20 Hux
Jul 14 03:59am
seriously though, if it ends up being in florida i will lose my absolute shit.

since it probably wonít be, if thereís anyone in florida that wants to take a roadtrip then hit me up! seriously, full stop, not even kidding. or maybe we could all just board a plane together and split hotel/airbnb costs evenly? it would be cost efficient as well as awesome to meet up with other fans.

iím only half kidding.
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