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March 18, 2019, 09:52:41 pm

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71 Turtle
Mar 15 09:49pm
I'll miss you, Jerk-Off Instructions doc link.

Mar 15 07:41pm
I still don't understand the Smurfs

73 KingKalamari
Mar 15 07:27pm
While Frank West reading emoticons is always wonderful I'm just as consistently amused by the related recurring gag of Frank West having a monopoly on reading emoticons and threatening legal action whenever someone else on the podcast starts muscling in on his schtick.

Also the running gag about Frank West being on multiple government watchlists following F Plus Live 3. Frank West is just really good for running gags in general come to think of it...

74 SeveralPigeons
Mar 15 06:36pm
I'm not sure, I just wasn't expecting a graphic dog death is all.

75 Blandest
Mar 15 06:13pm
What else would you call a black comedy then?

76 Boots Raingear
Mar 15 04:46pm
I'd just like to point out that I was correct with the pronunciation of "gnap"

That is all.

77 Shell Game
Mar 15 04:19pm
It was unclear! But I have a feeling if they didn't do something physiological like humans do we would have definitely heard about it from Vic George.

78 A Meat
Mar 15 03:53pm
do smurfs also ejaculate out of the top of their heads? or is it just an erogenous zone?

79 beelzeboob
Mar 15 02:46pm
Sorry again for messing up your intro... Or maybe....... I made it better?

80 SeveralPigeons
Mar 15 02:34pm
I watched The Lobster and I don't really like how it was billed as a comedy when it's pretty damn dark, but otherwise I really enjoyed it.
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