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January 24, 2020, 12:21:35 am

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91 MarioSpeedwagon
Jan 20 04:16am
Someone in the bathroom told me I should pony up the 10bux to post, so here I am. Howdy.

92 ViviVixen
Jan 20 04:14am
For sale: Bunnybread shirt, definitely worn.

93 Wrought
Jan 20 03:21am

Find An Episode (post #116)

I could swear there was an episode with a story where two guys got a job being tables at a bar while the female clientele jerked them off. Anyone remember which one that was? It kills me whenever I think about it but I haven't heard it in so long

94 Victor Laszlo
Jan 20 03:20am
Shell Game is slowly taking over this podcast. First the live show, then karaoke. It won’t be long.

95 Hux
Jan 20 12:51am
hampton inn-dwellers, at about 5:15 i'm gonna be heading down into the lobby and we can all catch an uber to the event, i'd say we're gonna leave at around 5:30 just so we have enough time to settle in with a drink.

also, i just want my merch back after stupidly leaving it behind. bless you lemon.

96 jack chick
Jan 19 10:17pm
Btw we have a shitload more pint glasses to sell. Also a few more books from kthor and Lou stickers and magnets and other stuff. We will have merch tonight so please buy stuff.

97 jack chick
Jan 19 07:16pm
well that was a hell of a thing

98 Hux
Jan 19 05:20pm
so i slept through that half marathon thing so i guess i'll just see you guys at brunch?
it probably wouldn't have been a good idea to run that much in the cold anyway.

also! i need to save my poor, poor voice for karaoke.

99 Shell Game
Jan 19 04:13pm
Whoever wins the game show can have my half marathon medal at karaoke party lol.
Maslow’s Tweeds, December 29, 2019, 09:01:25 pm
Hey, since it seems it slipped your mind last night I'm just gonna ask you nicely one more time.

Please don't interact with me at karaoke tonight. :) I figured since I've told you twice already I'm uninterested I'd just give you a little reminder. Because it appears you forgot last night when you kept coming up to me. :) :) It's okay. I won't be seeking you out or anything so we should be able to participate in a mutually enjoyable event without any of this having to matter. I had hoped that was clear from my first lengthy message about why I was not interested, however when you messaged me again under a new account name with the following...

I haven’t logged on to ballp.it in a bit, but looking at posts, you seem to be doing really well (which makes me happy). I look forward to the live show next month and I hope we can meet in person and, perhaps, try again. 
I felt compelled to write a more terse message that said more plainly "please do not interact with me at f plus live."

Both things seemed to get misinterpreted somehow, so here it is, one last time: do not interact with me at karaoke tonight. :) :) :)

100 sea hag
Jan 19 03:17pm
i left some of my merch there! the glass (still with the styrofoam stuff and stickers in it) on one of the tables there. guess i was just so hyped i kinda left without it, oops. if anyone snags it please return it to me at the karaoke party! i will be forever grateful!
Hux, January 19, 2020, 03:09:51 am

If you're coming to the brunch, I'm actually stopping by the bar in the morning so I can close out my tab. Like an idiot. But I can pick it up.
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