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July 16, 2019, 02:26:38 pm

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91 Neal
Jul 10 03:33am
Having a third of a bottle of Irish cream, vodka, and espresso liqueur mixed into a very large mudslide is probably not the time to be reseasoning my wok but here I am.

92 Sherman Tankoid
Jul 10 03:07am

296: SWORDS!!! (post #53)

93 Wrought
Jul 10 12:05am

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #1107)

"It smells like weed and chores in here."

94 Frank West
Jul 9 11:17pm
Bravo for "The Modern Pornmetheus"

95 Neal
Jul 9 04:25pm
My game Wizards of the Three Moons was nominated for Best Setting in this year's IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Awards!


EDIT: To demonstrate how bad I am at promotion, it only just occurred to me I should provide links to the actual game.
The book: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/184349/Wizards-of-the-Three-Moons-Second-Edition
The anthology deck (not required but strongly recommended): https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/228317/Wizards-of-the-Three-Moons-Anthology-Deck

96 GirlKisser420
Jul 9 08:00am
Honk my Chonk

97 Sherman Tankoid
Jul 9 07:15am

CTRL+V and post it (post #928)

98 ClaraTinSoldier
Jul 9 06:17am

CTRL+V and post it (post #928)

 (In reality, Shakespeare lived in England, and wrote in English, not Klingon.)[citation needed]

99 Neal
Jul 9 05:57am
So, just for sake of discussion, how many seats would you need in a venue in some city or another?

100 A Meat
Jul 9 04:14am
go hog wild and hold it in las vegas, get one of the casinos to sponsor the show
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