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December 18, 2018, 10:16:00 am

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91 Lumbermouth
Dec 9 12:03am

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #1022)



92 Big Bad Sherman Tank Inflatable
Dec 8 11:30pm
Watching a marathon of Three Stooges shorts and hitting myself with a hammer really takes the edge off the world's descent into utter madness.

93 AgentCoop
Dec 8 10:23pm
old episodes of The Ultimate Fighter

94 A Meat
Dec 8 08:59pm
the opposite of a condom is a prosub

96 Spooks
Dec 8 06:23pm
from Wykkidpedia, the free clown encyclopedia

97 My username is Shigan and I'm here to say
Dec 8 06:20pm

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #1022)

Jimmyfranks: I was on top of Pikachu, letting him pound my ass, while I was giving Charmander the best BJ he's ever had, whennnnnn....

98 krytton
Dec 8 01:52pm
"curiosity killed the cat" is a useful and versatile idiom until you say "but satisfaction brought it back"

like the full phrase is basically just saying "me like learn"

99 Vinny Possum
Dec 8 12:49pm
Speaking of watching kids shows AND watching stuff with other internet people, Dijon Du Jour and I finished Dairanger and it's complete mindfuck of an ending and have started on the insane, ultra-90's romp that is Dairanger. In dairanger, five apparently homeless teens/ninja superheroes living out of their Catbus/Crepe truck have to defeat the demon lord of the yokai and his minions, who are run less like an empire and more like if the mos eisley cantina were the mafia. It's also the only sentai I know of with an actual female main character, and features an actual asian-american actor (who couldn't speak japanese when the show started) as the "American Ninja".

I highly recommend it.

100 birdie
Dec 8 04:40am
Hello yes I am a girl

My feet are exactly average which is great for everything except sales, when they inevitably have like 8 pairs of size 6 and 3 of size 10.5 and nothing else. I think they're like the exactly average shape too, because even when other people have to size up or down for certain brands I am always size 7.

My nails are festive as heck:
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