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Title: I learned something today!
Post by: A Meat on May 03, 2017, 10:36:14 am
What did you learn today? If you're anything like me, you end up accruing a ton of useless factoids about tons of stuff, and some of it is probably something other people would enjoy learning as well.

So today I learned that as far as pure graphemic to phonemic reading goes, Hebrew written without diacritics (which is usually), has no 'regular' words. This means that given a word or pseudoword, there is always more than one possible way to pronounce it, and you can't know what it is supposed to be pronounced like unless you know the word already, or you have diacritic marks. On the other hand, apparently Italian has only a handful of words that aren't pronounced exactly like they're written.
Title: I learned something today!
Post by: THE CURSE OF THE WITCH OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB on May 03, 2017, 12:17:19 pm
Last night I learned that the Egyptians had a set of eight gods so old and weird that even they weren't entirely sure what they did, but they were so old they had to be super holy.  As far as we can tell they were gods of infinity, primordial waters, darkness, and hiddenness.  (And one of them is Amun, who became a breakout hit in the New Kingdom as Amun-Ra.)

Also, turns out recent studies say the one pharaoh who didn't put Horus above his name (Seth-Peribsen, who put Seth above his name instead) probably wasn't ruling over a divided Egypt, like people had thought based on king lists that diverged during his reign--instead, it seems like he was the spearhead for a big political and cultural reform that strengthened the power of the pharaoh and included the development of things like the full form of Egyptian grammar.

Studying Old Kingdom stuff is super fun because even for Egypt, it's ancient and forgotten, and it's like they were still trying to figure out how to do Egypt. I love it.  Amateur ancient Egypt.