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May 25, 2019, 12:56:46 pm

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11 Turbo Sexaphonic Delight
May 25 04:07am
i wissh

12 Turtle
May 25 03:42am

13 Shell Game
May 25 03:32am
HEY! I don't remember who it was who was doing the hourly dragons for Garbage Day but I love them so much! I didn't really have the chance to soak them in during the chaos of it all, but they're super good. RARRARARRARRARARRRARRR! [dragon]

14 sambair
May 25 03:09am
The current episodes of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime are about fighting a fantastical version of that human pet guy from Tumblr.

May 25 03:05am
I got my set on Garbage Day, which is why I totally forgot I had them until today.

With the bonus Lemon stickers, I also replaced the peeling label on an old SD card. I finally have a place to store all the spare CSS files that have been cluttering up my apartment.

16 Wrought
May 25 01:02am
My medieval lit professor: Your writing is really interesting, I hope you go on to finish Malory's work and keep an interest in Medieval literature
Me: Haha yeah, for sure, it was super interesting
Me, internally: Fuck that, that shit was hell to read, i'm never thinking abut that stuff again
Me, 2 weeks after I've graduated at 10 pm on a Friday thinking about Sir Orfeo: man what the fuck

17 Wrought
May 25 12:59am

18 Mique
May 25 12:44am
As someone who doesn't watch the show, I find it very satisfying that the final season turned out to be shit.

19 GirlKisser420
May 25 12:28am
today's plans: think I'm gonna fetishise asian women a bit.

20 Neal
May 24 11:51pm
i'm not sure this Dr. Fleshlight person is an actual physician
Wrought, Yesterday at 05:40:47 pm

It's actually a doctorate in divinity.
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