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May 30, 2020, 03:23:31 am

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Topic: Communism  (Read 1841 times)


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This forum is a conspiracy. F plus wants to create a hardon super collider, so they can make bonerbots to take over the world with wangwarp technology coated in [clingfilm].


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Re: Communism
The addled Bonapartist ambitions of the gangster-fascists of the FPlus executive cabal are of no account.

One may as well bewail a Viennese sausage merchant's coveting of a class-hopping marriage for his plump daughter, followed by a seat in the Reichsrat and an invitation to the Archduke's hunting party as play Henny Penny at their imbecilic strivings in the direction of a perfected phallopolymeric physics.

Posadas has taught us that such material constraints on humanity that remain to feed capital's ouroboral expropriatory mania are but technical stumbling blocks, to be surpassed through our expanding knowledge of and communication with those actually-existing species who have already transceded to a supermaterial state.

Thus, viewed with the appropriate context can the feeble graspings of ravenous robber-podcasters towards mastery of yet another crude, shiny cudgel to extract one last ounce of surplus value appear as anything but a laughable last idiocy of an infantile neurotic, howling in incomprehension at the glorious galactic dawn?

-- Commandante Aligheri, plenary of the Revolutionary Podcast Liberation Front (4th International - Marxist-Leninist Posadist)
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