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May 19, 2019, 10:33:06 pm

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Topic: Workplace power moves  (Read 2251 times)


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Workplace power moves #45
Pack a suitcase and change into your interview clothes mid-shift.

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Workplace power moves #46
Start and operate your new job out of your cubicle at your current job and hold training sessions for your employees in the conference room. Reassure new hires that “It’s ok. I already gave them my two weeks notice.”


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Workplace power moves #47
Two weeks notice huh, I'll give you Too Weak Notice, Hrargh! and then you throw a standing desk at them
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Workplace power moves #48
Actual power move observed in the wild:

When someone says "welcome", you tell them "I am."
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Workplace power moves #49
Done to me today: for every point or suggestion they make, answer "Oh yeah, you weren't in that meeting".

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Workplace power moves #50
one day I hope to hear this sentence in the wild:

Can you do this for me? I've got better things to do


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Workplace power moves #51
text your boss while you're in the bathroom, during your shift

Boots Raingear

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Workplace power moves #52
User hand sanitizer every time you pass a dispenser while saying "You DON'T want to know where these have been!" regardless of whether or not somebody is nearby to hear you.
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Workplace power moves #53
I actually did this. I printed out 50 color pages for a project, Howl's moving castle papercraft.

I never finished it but I did finish a couple XMas sets.

I made one for each one of my favorite coworkers and just left it on there desk like a socially awkward cat bearing gifts.

The curves on Bulbasaur were a bitch to fold but it was worth it.

If wasting office supplies were an Olympic sport, I'd have gold. It even caught on as a trend and I had a couple coworkers also wasting office supplies with me.
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Workplace power moves #54
I've been wanting to do that Howl's Moving Castle papercraft for aaaaaaaaaages.
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Workplace power moves #55
Have your boss’s car towed out of their private parking spot and then take your lunch break there on a foldout beach chair with accompanying umbrella while sending him/her selfies captioned “Wish you were here” or “Such lovely weather in the Bahamas right now”.
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Workplace power moves #56
Order sex toys in your bosses name to be delivered to the office mail box.