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May 26, 2019, 01:14:25 am

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Topic: Completely pointless Thought Of The Day thread  (Read 208292 times)


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They say dust is mostly skin but my bedroom is definitely producing dust far faster than I am producing skin.

Are there other major dust sources or is there someone else in here with me?
boooo566, Yesterday at 10:43:09 am
My bedroom is by far the dustiest room in my house and itís mostly lint. It also has the most fabric in my house, so I guess thereís a connection there?


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bulbs please
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The Art of the Fart would be an excellent ballpit username.


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bulbs please
AgentCoop, Yesterday at 11:48:27 am

A friend in need's a friend indeed,
A friend with bulbs is better,
AgentCoop boooo566


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Post Dad Rock

Shell Game

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Mom Rock Revival
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  • I must be, the Bahamas are islands
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Those are just the National and Jenny Lewis respectively
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