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August 04, 2020, 02:32:15 pm

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Topic: Favorite Running Gags / Callbacks / Meta Jokes?  (Read 27651 times)


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*Allusions to Boots' relationship with new-age bullshit
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John Toast

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I know it's only been in the DRUGS! episode, but I absolutely love the Edit Point gag. I'm a suckered for audio-based jokes and the echo effect and *ding* kill me every time.
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Fatty Bo Batty

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The Boots voice always gets me, especially when Boots does it.


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I don't know exactly how many times this has turned up, but on re-listening to some episodes I'm struck by Portaxx mentioning a Hanna-Barbera animated cartoon adaptation of something... more than I realized.

Sherman Tank

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Other ridiculists calling Lemon "Citrus" in the early episodes amuses me for some reason.

Frank West

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Other ridiculists calling Lemon "Citrus" in the early episodes amuses me for some reason.
Sherman Tank Nachos, May 18, 2017, 10:15:43 pm

At the risk of doxxing his username used to have Citrus in it before he simplified it to Lemon, so people do that because it's what they called him for many years.

Shell Game

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I love it whenever Lemon tries to set up a ballpit plug and the other person totally drops the ball, in part because it was precisely those shit plugs that made me check this place out.

Also anytime Bunnybread encourages STOG to act up.
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While Frank West reading emoticons is always wonderful I'm just as consistently amused by the related recurring gag of Frank West having a monopoly on reading emoticons and threatening legal action whenever someone else on the podcast starts muscling in on his schtick.

Also the running gag about Frank West being on multiple government watchlists following F Plus Live 3. Frank West is just really good for running gags in general come to think of it...


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-I don't have that problem. Goodbye!

It's been a while since its last appearance, but I'm a big fan of boots's Edith Bunker voice.  It was a nice surprise to hear it last ep.

-Any variation on "Lemon, puh-leeze don't doxx me!" when the ridiculists will imply they are the posters they read excerpts from. e.g. "Oh, we found Portaxx's account"

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