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February 24, 2020, 07:41:31 am

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Topic: Hey Ohioans!  (Read 2707 times)


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Hey Ohioans!
Seems to be a lot of people here who are or were Ohio residents, which compels me to ask.

Can you tell me a story about something you either did or saw in Ohio that was remarkably like the movie Gummo?

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Hey Ohioans! #1
I can't say I have ever seen anything like Gummo IRL but then again I live in the area of one of the main cities, and I have no doubts that shit gets that awful in small towns with high rates of meth addiction.

Probably the closest thing is that on the highway between Cincinnati and Columbus, there are two notable landmarks, one being a farmhouse that has a conferederate flag painted on the roof and a suspiciously-burned-looking giant cross in his yard, and a farm field next to the highway that has billboards with bible verses and "HELL IS REAL" written on them in it.

There's also the King of Kings statue in front of a megachurch near Monroe, which is more commonly referred to as "big butter jesus" or "touchdown jesus", and later caught fire and burned down when it got hit by lightning (the church did not take this as a sign of divine intervention). They built a new one in its place, but it's a generic "give me a hug" jesus and is not nearly as interesting or funny.


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Hey Ohioans! #2
I've never seen Gummo, but I can describe my area and maybe you can determine if it is like that movie or not.

I live in an area that is too hick to be urban but too ghetto to be agrarian. I've seen one of my neighbors eat paper bags and I'm sure that he is not allowed to drive automobiles.  His housemate holds more derby cars and shells of cars in his driveway than any driveable cars. The water here is so hard that my dog refuses to drink it. Stray cats are the only thing between us and an infestation of opossum and raccoons.  I see far more juggalo tattoos than I'd like. There is a really skeevy mental hospital within walking distance of me. When it rains for any length of time our front lawn turns into a vast, 30 centimeter deep puddle. I have no clue why this happens.


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Hey Ohioans! #3
nigeline Trill La Trill


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Hey Ohioans! #4

Smoking Crow, March 24, 2014, 09:03:41 pm
If only the middle of Ohio were actually this exciting.
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Hey Ohioans! #5
given that the big anime convention that happens in Columbus is called Ohayocon it's kind of fitting