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July 11, 2020, 10:32:44 pm

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Topic: Honk the Varzandeh alarm! It's time to talk about dreams!  (Read 8037 times)

Tiny Prancer

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that's the best fucking dream I've ever heard about


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Now that I write it out, it sounds like a really weird drug trip, but it all made perfect sense at the time.
Sinestro, July 08, 2014, 10:45:28 pm



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I've had a lot of weird, surreal, and recurring scary dreams ever since I was a child. I can distinctly remember most of them.

I think the most interesting one is based on this.
The part at 7 seconds in is the only bit that actually matters. The nightmare involved running away from (apparently really fucking fast) slugs that chased me, and when I hit a dead end, they jumped onto my hands and started crawling into my fingernails.

It's safe to say that this was really unnerving.

The most recurring one I've had as a child involves being at a public library with my mother and older brother. We would split up and at some point I would end up fencing this [stereotypical] French magician guy while my brother flew in a toy airplane overhead. At some point in the fight he would claim, "you are a baby" and then I would be in my mother's arms as a baby at the apartment we lived in at the time. She would set me down onto a table and I would proceed to eat her head off.

As I mentioned, these sort of dreams still occur to me, and they last years at a time before I'll come up with new ones. They seem to have minor changes every time and I can recall waking up in cold sweats or even crying sometimes. I have some more I could talk about, but they're more vague and not as interesting.