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Episode 130: Achievement Unlocked: Downloaded Podcast (40G)

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with Boots Raingear, Bunnybread, Kumquatxop, and Lemon.

Content for this episode was compiled by Montrith

Edited by Boots Raingear.

When the internet shrunk our world, it became easier for everyone to compare their own lives against those of their peers and, invariably, feel meloncholy about what they've become and eat a bunch of ice cream. But there are those who rise above this sort of thing, and they are called gamers, or more accurrately, ---+==G4/\/\RZ==+-----. We're looking at True Achievements, a site that assigned each man a number, and then quickly went back to playing Halo again. This week, Mario Lopez steals your girl.


Hey everyone! This is the episode that Lemon kidnapped, so the doc pretty much looks like shit. Blame him, not me. We had many interesting conversations about cheevos and when I showed Lemon Bboy360 it was love at first sight. Excellent work on the puns in this one. "Not the cheevs!" was a stroke of genius.

A Meat:
I wish Steam Achievements gave some sort of fictional points too. Mostly so that the Xbox fanboys can argue endlessly with PC fanboys about which platform's cheevos are worth more.

Also, Steam has some games with literally impossible achievements, and I'd like to see idiots breaking their heads trying to get all 1297 achievements on ToME.

I've just listened to the episode and I already want another fix of cheevos. Listening to people claiming that their time-waste points are like pheromones to the chicks is kind of amazing.

This is looking like a portal to the year 2005, and it is fucking glorious. Let's preserve this bizarre, time-warped community in digital amber- future generations must know of this.


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