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Episode 70: The Ace and Cakes

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(I noticed there isn't a thread for this one, so I started one - hope that's ok)

I admit I listen to the F Plus in a pretty random order, so I only now got to this episode and HOLY FUCK!
I mean I've listened to a lot of crazy shit on the F Plus, and this isn't even the craziest, but it made me rage so fucking hard I found myself screaming back at the speakers to shut the fuck up.
I know all about the Tumblr-kind persecution complex1 but this is some next-level shit right there.
I'm a pretty open minded person and I accept all sorts of different people of all races and sexual preference, but the things I heard of in this episode are just 100% bullcrap invented by people who are trying to be special and just keep going ON AND ON about it in made up ways and trying to push it down our throats.
Like the readers though, I completely and absolutely lost my shit in that last segment. I mean people use the word 'holocaust' liberally enough as it is, but holy fuck that stupid asshole just made me curl up in a fetal position and weep that such stupidity even exists. No, I will not talk about the made-up persecution of your (fairly recently) made-up 'sexual orientation' and I will especially not give it any mention anywhere near the topic of the fucking holocaust!
1 The joke goes "If somebody says something in the middle of nowhere and nobody is around to hear him say it, does somebody on Tumblr still get offended?". The answer, by the way, is yes.

Haha. I avoided this ep for a while since I'm ace myself and I wasn't familiar with any asexual community with such um... eccentric people. Lo and behold: there are sad, angry outliers in every group.

So many things about some of these people are perplexing to me. The 'worst' part about being ace, in my experience, is just dealing with the occasional person who doesn't get it or thinks they know better than me about myself, like I haven't met the right guy or that I'll change. But we all (especially women) deal with different flavors of that crap. Is being hit on at the pub more annoying because I'm asexual? No, its exactly the same damn brand of annoying as it is for everyone else.

I empathize a bit with the tumblr person rambling about people prioritizing romantic-sexual relationships over others, but to take it to such an embittered, vehement level... and they're probably what, like, 17 right? They have somehow absorbed the bitterness of every single asexual person and attached political rhetoric to it. I'm barely into my 20s and I do dread when it comes time for people in my age group to sequester themselves off with their spouses and pop out babies. It stings when someone you spent time with takes their life in a direction that not only does not include you as much as it did, but that you're indifferent towards on the whole. Because it's true, they are going to value that family unit in a different way than they do their friends. On the other hand, that's what most people do, and we all have the ability to befriend new or different people. It's not a great injustice, it's people living a different lifestyle.

Such ramble, very rant, wow.

Hold on. Most people are wired to want to have sex, I should be offended. I have 20 tumblr rants to draft.

Just to be clear, btw, I'm not saying asexuality is crap - I've known one or two in my life and they were pretty cool and well-rounded people.
But the people featured in this episode are doubtedly actually asexual, or rather they are by choice and are just so fucking self-righteous about it you wanna slap them across the face.
So yeah, eudo, as an asexual you should be as upset about those people as anyone, and I'm glad to see you are.

No worries dude, I got your meaning.

Personally I don't doubt that most of the people featured are asexual, but there's this type who clearly went from 'just realizing their identity' to 'cynical bitter victim' in the span of a week and that is just classic tumblr and certainly merits at least a little skepticism.

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