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June 05, 2020, 04:40:37 am

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Topic: I saw my first Google Glass wearer in person yesterday.  (Read 7575 times)

Adam Bozarth

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I first saw one in the subway. I was looking for the end of the line for the MetroCard machine and saw it on a guy's head and thought it was a medical appliance at first. It startled me, then I realized it was Google Glass and I became enraged.

I've seen a few guys with them on come into my workplace (an electronics store) and pretty much everyone ducks out of their way, other people hide their faces. It's like paying a grand for your own personal True Forced Loneliness. In an era where we all know we are being photographed and documented, I think it's really ballsy to strap a camera with wireless to your face and expect other people to find it interesting.

For some laughs and to shamelessly plug, my lovely and hilarious partner, Anna, wrote this sketch about Google Glass, which I hope you find enjoyable.
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