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June 06, 2020, 01:10:38 am

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Topic: Pot pourri vs. spotlight  (Read 2115 times)

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Pot pourri vs. spotlight
Do you prefer episodes featuring many different people, or an episode focusing on a single person? One of my favorite episodes is "God Bless You, Water Woman," because Joan Ocean is a treat. Clingfilm guy is a classic, too. The downside to a spotlight episode is if you don't like hearing about that person for whatever reason, the whole episode becomes less interesting to you.

This is something I've often wondered while putting together docs. For example, I could've easily made the audiophiles doc entirely about Patrick82, but decided to devote at least half of it to other people for sake of variety.


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Pot pourri vs. spotlight #1
It feels like a hit or miss kind of thing? Sometimes it's gold--Roy Orbison in cling film remains one of my favourites--but it took me forever to want to listen to things like Dozerfleet or Wizard at Large. Going into specifics like that, I think it really needs to hit the mark on being comedic or just completely out there, a marvel in and of itself.

Medleys are always a kick though, chaotic as they might be. I do love the topic jumping.


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Pot pourri vs. spotlight #2
I think that spotlights only win out over a grab bag if it's a really good subject, but when that lineup does happen then the focus wins out by a long way, even if that one person is part of the grab bag.

There have been a few people seen in episodes for short times that are clearly strong enough characters that they could've held up an entire episode by themselves. Patrick82 and Bboy360 are the ones I'm thinking of, but I know there's been others who were just such standouts of the episode that they could've easily been the only subject.


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Pot pourri vs. spotlight #3
I prefer the episodes that focus on communities rather than individuals. I think they're more interesting.

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Pot pourri vs. spotlight #4
I feel like the episodes should be a bit from column A, a bit from column B, I like the person focused episodes, but sometimes they get too much. The community focus episodes mix the two in a good way, because you'll often an outstanding idiot or pervert that makes the episodes even better.


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Pot pourri vs. spotlight #5
A lot of my favorite episodes are single person focused, like Dozerfleet, Spectrum X, etc. It is rare to find people who have such depths to their delusions that you could talk about them for hours, but I think the doc makers & Ridiculists do a good job picking them out.


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Pot pourri vs. spotlight #6
Just based on looking at which episodes I keep going back to listen to again, I apparently prefer the medley-type episodes that simply share a single theme. There are exceptions, of course—I could easily have listened to two hours of Patrick82 posts—but for the most part I seem to like us reading lots of different types of weird fiction.