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April 01, 2020, 09:40:59 am

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Topic: I found the microwave of the future!  (Read 2234 times)


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chai tea latte

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I found the microwave of the future! #1
I love that even in a one minute video they have to bring up how it works with Pebble.


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I found the microwave of the future! #2
Why would you need to microwave bottled water?


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I found the microwave of the future! #3
I assume because in the future everything is microwaveable and must be connected to a peddle somehow.


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I found the microwave of the future! #4
It's no Microrater


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I found the microwave of the future! #5
Doubtlessly a nice showcase of human progress, but there' lot of space for further improvements.

-Internal cameras for autonomous posting of food pictures to Pinterest.
-IR sensors to allow 3D rendering of your food in the  Oculus Rift. Now you can fell like you are there while your food is cooking! Tear down the fourth wall!
- Storing of nutritional data on the cloud(tm). Get an instant rating of your food intake based on the most up to date no-carb diet data!
- Ability to stream Netflix movies while the food is being prepared. The Pebble(c) measures remaining time and selects programmes that have similar running time. Never be bored again while doing the domestic chore of microwaving!
- Use your cloud data to reconstruct 3D models for printing in your 3D printer of choice. As soon as we get printable carbohydrates you'll be able to forgo using of microwave altogether as our revolutionary app learns common macromolecular patterns present in your favourite dishes!
-Carefully prepared database of microwave-enabled Soylent(r) recipes
-Ability to purchase ingredients of your most recently microwaved foods on any of the most popular Bitcoin marketplaces. You'll never run out of Hot Pockets again!
-Fuck you!
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