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September 26, 2020, 08:34:18 pm

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Topic: Discussion of purged content  (Read 10016 times)


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Discussion of purged content #15
In that case I'm jealous. I totally thought it was going to be gay incest porn. The internet hasn't broken your expectations as badly as mine, it seems.


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Discussion of purged content #16
Yeah the author straight up said he had a "thing" for his brothers but the story implied he was fucking in the woods or getting molested by the man across the street. What a weird fucking script.


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Discussion of purged content #17
I'm going to quote one of those in full because it is the creepiest goddamn thing I have ever read.

The anime television series, produced by Kyoto Animation, which is know for animating cute little girls (Little girls can improve everything. Take, for example, human innards. Normally, one wouldn't think of his spleen or kidneys as being adorable, but once you imagine them as cute little girls, even human viscera can be worth falling in love with. Your kidneys, for example, would be identical twins wearing the adrenal glands as their hats, gladly devoting themselves to their rather disagreeable job with a warm smile on their faces so that your body can be free of waste products. Your bladder would be a shy, clumsy loli under the kidneys' guidance, trying her best to hold in your urine but occassionally falling and spilling pee everywhere. Your liver would be a reliable onee-sama type who oversees the blood sugar levels in your body and detoxifies harmful chemicals, she'd always be concerned over your well-being and admonish you if you don't watch your food and alcohol intake; but despite being a strict, no-nonsense class president type on the surface (she'd probably wear glasses too) she'd secretly be a perverted lolicon in an incestous lesbian relationship with her little sister gallbladder-tan. Your stomach would be a womanizer despite being a little girl, frequently kissing both oesophagus-tan and small intestine-tan mouth-to-mouth with the excuse of "transferring digestive contents", but she'd do this even if you haven't eaten in days. As the alchemists of old believed that gold was the ideal form of all metals, I believe the ideal form of humankind to be adorable young maidens. I pray that once we die, the afterlife awaits us will involve all /a/ users turning into elegant young ladies and taking it easy until the end of times.3 liters? That's quite a lot. Let's say I turned into a immortal little girl today and allowed my body to be constantly violated until my mind breaks and all I can feel is the warmth of the semen gushing inside my small womb. Since the refractory period is about 15 minutes (for 18 year old males, no way I'll let older men cum inside me), and assuming a 8-hour sleep for those otaku, it would seem that one of them can have sex 64 times every day, ejaculating about 45 mililiters every time (that's about three tablespoons, vastly higher than the average volume). Since my loli body would be irresistibly erotic, let's assume that any man who violates me will ejaculate instantly, taking about a minute in average before my slutty womb drinks all of their semen. Since those are responsible men, they will only cum inside my tight vagina, so at this point, I would have 67,5 liters of cum sprayed inside me every day.

Since my body is immature, my womb would be rather small, say, roughly a sphere about 4cm in diameter (the average womb is a bit larger, and not a sphere, it's more elliptical). Assuming no stretching, this is the Schwarzschild radius for roughly 27 septillion kilograms. The density of cum is around 1,014g/mL (By the way, there's a study on this. They decanted semen into graduated cylinders and weighed it.), so I'd have roughly 68,5kg of semen ejaculated inside me every day. Divide the former to the latter, and you get about a sextillion years. So in roughly a sextillion years, older than the known age of the universe, about when the sun spends the last remnants of its energy and cools down completely, after aeons of being cummed inside, my slutty loli womb will have so much semen in it that it'll turn into a black hole.)

I don't know who wrote this or why, but I am damn certain that there are bodies in his motherfucking crawlspace.
Runic, July 11, 2014, 04:00:38 am
This parenthetical reads like one of the Truant footnotes in house of leaves
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