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February 25, 2020, 05:59:00 pm

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Topic: So what did we learn from all this?  (Read 7645 times)


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So what did we learn from all this? #30
I've learned to be a better person, more forgiving, understanding and empathetic.

A few months ago I figured that nobody in the history of ever really changed how they think just because someone got mad at them, and it changed how I perceive everything. At the very best, they change how they behave when they think someone is watching, but the negative beliefs still simmer in their brains. For an extreme example, do you think any amount of public vitriol will make Darren Wilson go "oh golly, I'm probably too mean to those black folks"? Or do you think he'll act like literally every F+ subject and mentally dig his heels in further? If Wilson keeps his badge and goes back into duty, he might do his job very differently, but not out of any self-examination.

It's an easy kneejerk reaction (and maybe a straw argument on my part) to go "pshaw, those are just the crazy and broken people," but I think many of us know that the idea of a "normal person" is sort of an impossible concept. Everyone's got their baggage and brokenness, and to be honest, some of us could make a decent F+ episode if we dug up our beliefs prior to certain epiphanies -- which brings me to another realization I had.

I don't remember where, but I remember seeing a W-E style tumblr with a comment saying something like "This person has a twelve-year-old's understanding of <thing>." Fact is, that person could very well be twelve, or perhaps going through some very real and very legitimate issues that have arrested their emotional development. It's all too easy to take a tumblr post and consider it a static, emblematic representation of someone while simultaneously considering ourselves and our friends to be dynamic, changing, and improving works-in-progress. When we type "theyre" it's because we're in a hurry, or drunk, or trying to make space for a killer tweet. When an F+ subject types "theyre" it's something to point and laugh at.

And I do laugh! A lot! But at the same time I have a degree of empathy for every F+ subject. People aren't naturally inclined to desire to be 'broken' or to desire to hurt others. To take a page from Mencius, anyone who sees a baby crawling towards a well will let out a gasp and go "oh shit that baby's about to get fucked." Empathy for others is a human instinct.  So when I listen to F+, I laugh at the crazy dumb nutbars, but I also think "man, I feel for them. What has to happen for you to think all women are buttsluts/you're a dragon and anyone who doesn't agree is Hitler/nothing is sexier than being tossed in a dumpster?" I think about some of the warped beliefs that I still have and can trace back to my childhood, and the ridiculous things I sometimes believe only because of shitty things that have happened to and around me.

So to bring this hand-wringing apologeticism to a close, I learned that precum is the tastiest cum.
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