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[HELP] Anyone want to write a guide for creating burner email addresses?

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I know sometimes it's useful for mining content.

I use maildrop myself. I don't know if anyone else has something different they prefer.

I've used them from time to time myself.  What are you looking for, just kind of a WikiHow article on burner emails?

Just a short-but-informative piece about why you might want one and how you should go about getting one, so I can have a blog piece to link from the front page in case people are interested.

Do it up in StackEdit if you want to be pro about the F+ markdown syntax.

A Meat:
Guerilla Mail works as well, and it doesn't really require much effort to use. I do think some forums might block it though?

Dr. Buttplug:
Hey it seems the backdoor to anonymously purchase stuff via Ebay gift cards. Anyone know how to purchase a minor electronic device anonymously? Asking for a friend (that's right NSA rat shit). Nothing illegal just need it private.


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