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February 19, 2020, 12:48:40 pm

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What's your favorite F Plus topic?

Crazy and physically impossible fetishes
45 (12%)
Creepy and gross fetishes
24 (6.4%)
Weirdo subcultures and broken people in general
47 (12.6%)
Stupid people
39 (10.4%)
People with terrible views (including PUAs)
23 (6.1%)
Support groups
5 (1.3%)
Pseudoscience and hippie bullshit
33 (8.8%)
Teenagers being teenagers
18 (4.8%)
16 (4.3%)
"Social justice"
14 (3.7%)
Poetry and literature
20 (5.3%)
People who are legitimately crazy (including conspiracy theorists)
40 (10.7%)
26 (7%)
Dating websites for the poorly socialized
15 (4%)
Drugs, maaaaan
9 (2.4%)

Total Members Voted: 137

Topic: What's your favorite type of episode?  (Read 13965 times)


  • some people's reactions such as the fuck,the hell,wtf, or what the hell
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What's your favorite type of episode? #60
I like the focus on a single twit episodes just because there's something fascinating about seeing the absolutely insane worlds people construct to make sense of reality.  Obama is trying to recreate the Ottoman Empire, indeed.

I don't know what got left on the cutting room floor for Dozerfleet, but that website is brimming with so much nonsense content that it would easily fit another episode.  The one we got didn't cover his inane ramblings on this revolutionary new thing called "web comics" and they didn't even read any of Replox: Abstract Foundations, his 'short' story which reads like a book written by someone familiar with the components of the English language but with no concept of how they go together.

Tiny Prancer

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What's your favorite type of episode? #61
It also left out the fact that because one of the girls he was creeping on and her mom weren't touched by his obsessive newsletters and her mom insisted that he needed to stay away from her daughter because she was into gangsters and he was OBVIOUSLY the only positive thing in her life that could have "saved" her that they were horrible people and therefore that led to her fucking DYING

Sun Smasher

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What's your favorite type of episode? #62
Episodes that have to do with aliens and crazy people are my absolute favorites. Specifically episode 50. I've listened to that episode far too many times. The conspiracy theories and just pure insane people, (gang stalking, the government is watching me, anyone in a tinfoil hat), are the absolute best episodes.

Digital Walnut

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What's your favorite type of episode? #63
The question/answer sites consistently make for some of my favorite episodes. I guess those fall under the "stupid people" category, but the format does wonders for bringing out poorly conceived and poorly spelled content from people.

Sherman Tank

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What's your favorite type of episode? #64
I love the "focus on a single twit" episodes a lot, no matter what the views of the twit in question.

Also WikiHow. I'm probably as in love with WikiHow as Boots is.


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What's your favorite type of episode? #65
Yea wikihow is always great but I'm also a big fan of 'we found one lunatic's writing, here it is'. Dozerfleet is still one of my absolute favorites for just how great a picture you're able to get of him in it.


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What's your favorite type of episode? #66
I had no idea what category WikiHow would fit in, so I just went with Food.

Agent Coop Time!

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What's your favorite type of episode? #67
I had no idea what category WikiHow would fit in, so I just went with Food.
memorylikeasieve, November 30, 2015, 08:50:10 am
"Wikihow is food, for the soul."


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What's your favorite type of episode? #68
My favourites would have to be the recipe episodes. My second-favourites are the Wikihow episodes, because those are terrible recipes for things that are not edible.