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April 01, 2020, 12:35:37 pm

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Topic: What Are You Doing to Celebrate Daylight Savings?  (Read 2643 times)


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I am having a party where we countdown to the beginning of it and crush lightbulbs when the clocks turn back
chai tea latte

chai tea latte

  • holy shit is that kurt cobain
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  • is that a fucking bear?
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I went for a hike! It ruled


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I live in a province where we don't have it, so: not having my sleep schedule fucked with and feeling smug.


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I live in a province where we don't have it, so: not having my sleep schedule fucked with and feeling smug.
advancedclass, March 07, 2015, 07:02:02 pm

Wait—you sleep through the night on Saturdays???


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Getting a severe case of insomnia.


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Celebrating my impending day off of work after 13 days on with wine and cats. I'm a loser.


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Still about two and a half hours away from me.  I'm gonna celebrate by telling my Pokemon Gold mom to set the clock forward an hour for DST.

Tiny Prancer

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mourning that it had to come during finals


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  • these colors keep me awake at night
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I slept in an extra hour today

and yesterday

and Saturday too

jack chick

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Listening to Saves the Day



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Freaking out and questioning reality, per Tumblr.


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being tired

A Meat

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I'm waiting until March 27th

Coincidentally I'm also supposed to be getting my university entrance exam score thing back so I'll see whether I have cause for celebration or not.