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June 05, 2020, 04:14:51 am

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Topic: Helpful but obscure websites/apps  (Read 680 times)

Victor Laszlo

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Helpful but obscure websites/apps
We all know the big players, but I bet a lot of you all are like me and have found little lifehack-ish websites or apps that make life just a touch easier.  Some of these are things a person might not ever think to look for.  Let's share!

I am a big fan of This To That because I am frequently trying to attach things to other things and finding them not sticking as well as I'd like.  It's damn helpful.

We are a two-professional home with two children with school and various activities.  I find Calendar Home to be a quick and easy source of printable blank calendars, and it has various date calculation functions as well.

I spent years writing myself notes on index cards (perfectly pocket sized) but always lost the cards, or didn't have the right card in my pocket at the right time.  I now use ResophNotes on my desktop in conjunction with Simplenote on my iPhone, and I can now write myself cloud-synced notes wherever I am.
Dr. Buttplug


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Helpful but obscure websites/apps #1
Trying to memorize something? Ankidroid is good for that! It lets you make either your own custom set of flash cards or download from flash cards uploaded by others. It uses spaced repetition, so instead of looking at something dumb you already know every day, you only need to study it once the information is starting to decay in your brain. Or whatever. I'm not a memory expert. It's useful though!