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August 19, 2019, 02:34:22 pm

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Topic: Art Woes  (Read 873 times)

Fatty Bo Batty

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Art Woes
So, I'm an ok artist who managed to get my hands on a Intuos4 after winning a court case a few years back. I fell in love with it, and quickly adapted to drawing with little to no tactile feedback, and drawing continuous lines based on muscle memory. I used it all the time, and did practically all of my practice and sketching on it.

Recently, I discovered that I'm now garbage at drawing with pencil and paper. The sketch lines don't come out right, and I smudge everything since I'm left handed. It was really kind of embarrassing, sitting in a coffee shop, and doing what could only be called "Middle School classroom doodles." I guess I just have to get back onto the bicycle, and practice again.

Any artistic types, what woes do you have? I find that being able to put the issues into words helps me a lot, so feel free to vent.


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Art Woes #1
I am the laziest at cleaning up drawings, and 95% of the time I just tighten a sketch 'enough' rather than do any legitimate lineart. I'm so out of practice with it that even when I try to seriously clean things up, I'll probably resort to sketchy lines again. I should... probably work on that...

Also, I always draw heads that are too big for their bodies, and I never notice until I'm finished with half of the drawing. Luckily it's not too hard to fix when it's a digital drawing, but any time I start doodling with a pen at work I'll realize too late that I've drawn another large head.