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February 25, 2020, 06:39:32 pm

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Topic: 189: Paranormal Stupidity  (Read 4055 times)


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189: Paranormal Stupidity #15
I'm familiar with the whole Steve phenomena, but for me it's Scott. People who know me but not well enough to have memorized the name with the face will call me Scott. It's never anything else. It's always Scott. Eerie, sure, but as said on the episode my first thought as to an explanation was never "ghosts."


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189: Paranormal Stupidity #16
Is the Steve thing just confirmation bias? I mean you might get called Steve, or some other generic name, a few times and then just keep remembering the Steve instances and forgetting when you were cake John and Bill.


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189: Paranormal Stupidity #17
When you have a name that's slightly uncommon but similar to a very common name, people who don't know you well often misremember. I get called Catherine from time to time, presumably for that exact reason.

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189: Paranormal Stupidity #18
I love the episodes that have to do with crazies, and this is one of those. It reminds me of this one fairly awful TV show called Paranormal Home Inspectors (on Netflix, btw). Literally every episode started with these people who are just like, "OMG my house is HAUNTED!" and then a paranormal expert and a home inspector come in, inspect the house in their own ways, and give that person their findings. Every single episode the home inspector was just like, "uh, guys, there's serious issues with your home" things like bad foundations or even gas leaks and the paranormal "expert" is just all, "guys, it's ghosts" and then every episode the people just believe in ghosts. I got a kick out of it. It's one of those shows to have on in the background that just makes you wonder how we as a species have managed to fucken survive for so long.