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September 19, 2020, 01:13:12 pm

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Topic: Extremely Niche Opinions Thread  (Read 5519 times)

Vinny Possum

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Extremely Niche Opinions Thread #45
Here's my niche opinion: I prefer RC Cola over Pepsi.
Great Joe, Yesterday at 06:17:49 am

Finally a man of taste and culture.
A Meat Great Joe

A Meat

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It's messed up that a Tsuchinoko has only been in a single Shin Megami Tensei game (don't remember which persona 2 it's in as a rumor), and it was only an enemy.

Great Joe

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The best thing to come out of Kickstarter's wave of retro-themed racing games turns out to have been all the advertising it gave to retro-themed bands, like MYRONE and Gost.