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November 22, 2019, 03:19:34 pm

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Topic: Experiences Introducing Other People to The F-Plus?  (Read 6055 times)


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I don't know a lot of people who are very into Weird Internet Shit, so there's not a lot of common ground to go for. I mean sure, the weird fetishes are weird, but they're not often funny weird unless you're in the mindset of laughing at that. Same with laughably bad fiction, or pretentious people who have no idea what they're talking about. I'm not often around a lot of people with that groundwork.

So you know what plays well, in all situations? What everyone has the groundwork to understand?

$50 bottles of water.


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I was home for Christmas and my parents needed long-car-ride listening, so I played the food and water episodes.  Everyone can understand terrible food and expensive water.


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I've played a few episodes to my parents, but only the food ones. They are usually pretty tame.

The problem with a few of the more tame episodes is that they have occasional references to other much worse episodes, like at the start of the really early teenage angst one, they talk about the fuckdolls episode.


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Necroposting for the fact that I introduced a bunch of people on a Discord I'm on to The F Plus after one of the other members independently discovered Hans Von Hozel. She and the person I'm about to quote have really been getting into it, but the other person was the one who went into detail:

omg [Chaos] so I was listening to the sherlock one at work
and it was making me laugh and like.. cringe and whisper 'oh no' to myself
more than the previous eps
and my coworkers noticed but didn't let me get away with 'it's just a funny podcast' this time, they wanted to know what it was
so I was like 'people do dramatic readings of strange internet things, you really do not want to know any more than that' and one coworker was like 'oh so they're reading weird fanfiction, huh?' and I was like 'I mean not exclusively but.. yeah' and they were both like 'got it' and we moved on
but then after that coworker left for the day it was just me and my coworker sandra in the office and she was like 'you're still laughing, you should play the podcast aloud, I'm curious now'

:D Did you?

and I did my best to dissuade her, she knows about fandom but isn't into it and has read occasional fics her fannish friend(s) have sent her but like.... gen stuff
but she insisted
and I was still at the part of that episode where they're mocking all the intensely asexual OOC cuddling fic so I was like 'well this isn't weird porn YET, it'll be fine'
and then like one minute in they finished that section and started in on the A/B/O stuff
she was so incredulous and kept being like 'wait, WHAT is knotting? are these real things people write?'
......so explaining ABO fanfic to my coworker while pretending I was much less familiar with it than I am was An Experience

This is awesome. Can I tell the F Plus forums about it?

oh man okay
tell me if there are amusing reactions


I did just tell my coworker who I was driving home just now. He hadn't actually heard of A/B/O fic either, so explaining that to him was a good time. [...] I was like "it's this sort of school of fanfic porn predicated on misunderstandings of wolf biology," to which his response was "what the fuck, that sounds like a Mad Lib."

oh god it really does
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I encountered thefplus on one of the old somethingawful tvtropes mock threads, finding the tvtropes ep. i  loved it and listened to the archive and shared it with my brother. now he loves the podcast as much (maybe more) than I do. he'll tell me when there's a new ep, we'll listen to it together and play bingo. it's a great time. thanks fplus.
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I introduced one of the night shift guys at my job to it and he loved it. I gave him a list of stuff like the Roy Orbison and TVTropes episodes to ease in before he gets to the truly fucked up stuff, since he's not Extremely Online and a lot of the weird fetish shit is completely outside context for him.