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May 31, 2020, 10:21:19 pm

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Topic: 161: A Miserable Pile of Secrets  (Read 14156 times)

Adam Bozarth

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Episode 161: A Miserable Pile of Secrets
When I was briefly employed at a blog, I did a story about real vampires, as in anemics who started sucking blood from willing donors to regain vitality. A researcher spent a decade with people who identified as vampires because of this habit. The folks were from all walks of life, but they all just happened into sucking blood to not feel sleepy all the time.
The main focus was about how these real vampire don't mention their habit of sucking blood to their doctors for fear of being stigmatized as mentally ill or even persecuted. So, they don't mention they eat blood whatsoever and real conditions go untreated.

It instantly reminded me of these "REAL vampires," but the "REAL vampires" are just weirdos with a compulsion to make Web 1.0 sites about their imaginations.


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161: A Miserable Pile of Secrets #61
No idea why this didn't exist before, but here's a clip of the football congress bit from Ep 161.
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