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July 03, 2020, 06:11:18 pm

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Topic: Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1.  (Read 8799 times)


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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1.
Okay, the first episode is out. Whattaya think?
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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #1
My coupon code isn't working.


Anyhoo, I very much enjoyed this first episode. Looking forward to more. Will this show have a rotating cast?
RedMinjo Fanzay
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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #2
I love this. More please!
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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #3
One thing your bee sting explanations were missing was that it's only the older bees that are sent out for foraging and defense.  They're about to die of old age anyway, so it's less important to the wellbeing of the hive if they're lost.  This science fact comes to you from Mark Winston's The Biology of the Honey Bee.

So if you ever get stung by a bee, think of it as the biological equivalent of an old woman screaming at you to get off her lawn.

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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #4
Add in another voice saying "more please!" :D

Now WHO WANTS TO HEAR A BIOLOGY STUDENT RAMBLE ABOUT PERIODS because goodness knows I looked it up once when curled up on the couch with a heat pack against my lower abdomen. :P "Why does this happennnnnnn"

And the answer given in the episode was pretty good! But incomplete. Squiddy's research left out why the endometrial lining (the stuff that gets shed when a period happens; the uterine lining of mucus and blood and tissue and all that good stuff) in humans is so thick it's energetically not worth it to try reabsorbing it.

And the answer is; because human zygotes are freaking aggressive.

Once an egg and sperm join up to become a zygote and start dividing, that ball of cells has one particular job; secure nourishment for further development. So it implants itself in the uterine lining and burrows in, seeking a sweet delicious blood supply from the mother that will feed it for the rest of its development. In most mammals, it doesn't burrow very far, so they don't need a super-thick endometrial lining; there's plenty of time for the umbilical cord and placenta to form around the fetus so it's protected and nourishment is both secured and controlled.

Human zygotes, though, don't particularly know when to stop. They want AS MUCH OF THAT SWEET DELICIOUS BLOOD SUPPLY AS POSSIBLE, and would burrow through the uterine wall entirely if they could reach it. This is a Bad Thing. So, over time, selection favored the secretion of thicker uterine linings, which allow a little more of a buffer zone and time so that the placenta and umbilical cord can form.

Of course, building up a defensive layer that can still support life is quite a process. Maintaining it also takes a fair amount of energy. So basically, through biochemical mechanisms, if there is no zygote attachment detected, the body goes "whoo! Supplying blood to all this extra tissue is tiring. It's not supporting anything anyway. Hey uterine lining blood vessels, constrict and reel it in, would ya?"

But then without a regular blood supply, the parts of the lining farthest away from the uterine wall start to die.

You do not want dead and dying tissue to stick around in your uterus. That way lies infection and all sorts of unpleasantness.

So what does the body do? It sheds all that extra tissue. And lo, a period! :B

After the tissue is shed, the uterus takes a little breather. "Ahhhh," it says. "What a relief to not have to supply all that extra tissue! Why did we make it again?"


And the uterus goes "SHIT"


And the cycle continues. Until menopause. :B

And now you know! :D
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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #5
I actually knew about hot peppers! There is an actual scale, the Scoville scale, that rates peppers by their pungency. Not only could Capsaicin kill, a chemical monster cockog to it, Resiniferatoxin can and will kill you. It's five hundred times more potent than the hottest chilli pepper, and 1/1,000,000th of a gram ingested orally will cause severe burning sensations.
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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #6
The receptor that capsaicin activates is the TRPV1 receptor(Interesting study about this in mice), and ingestion of alcohol can potentiate its activation, lowering the heat threshold needed to cause the burning sensation the receptor is known for, which might explain why alcohol 'burns'

I basically just read the first paragraph of this paper and googled a bit


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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #7
Will this show have a rotating cast?
CourtesyPee, August 06, 2016, 10:04:16 pm



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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #8
Will this show have a rotating cast?
CourtesyPee, August 06, 2016, 10:04:16 pm

Lemon, August 07, 2016, 09:29:23 am

Is Lemon going to be Alan Davis?

Achilles' Heelies

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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #9
I really enjoyed this. I have the same problem as Boots where I don't like not knowing a thing, so I will make stuff up and convince myself that I'm right. I agree that it's better to do this on a podcast than where I would normally do it, such as a party.

Achilles' Heelies

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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #10
Also, guests on your show could be "guest"-imators. Sorry for this.
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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #11
Also for reference, spaying an animal  involves removing both the ovaries and the uterus. Among other things, this reduces the risk of a disease called pyometra, often referred to in short as "pyo." Pyometra is an infection of the uterus, and can strike suddenly after any heat cycle. Left untreated, it is painfully fatal, like dying from appendicitis and the ensuing septic shock. Dogs are especially prone to it. Spay and neuter your pets, folks! :3

And if you choose not to? If your intact female mammal (especially if it's a dog) starts leaking pus from their lady bits, and/or is vomiting, has a lack of appetite, and is drinking and urinating a lot more? Get them to a vet ASAP. You could save their life.

This has been a pyometra PSA from your friendly neighborhood critter sitter. :3
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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #12
This is a fascinating premise. I love it.

Boots's credentials are the same as mine.

I have a friend who is full of questions that I absolutely need to answer with bullshit. I would fumble and restraint myself from looking things up on my phone.
Today I had no answer to this: "Why are registers (as in central air duct work) next to windows?"
There has to be a logical answer for this but for the life of me I could not work myself to it other than "because, it's supposed to be".

Why did I mention that? Because the way one talks their way through a question to an answer is super fascinating.

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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #13
This is pretty neat, it's fun listening to you talk your thoughts out on what you think the answer is. I'm always up for learning and people making asses of themselves, so I'm eager for more!

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Adjudicated Guess, Episode 1. #14
This is painful to listen to and I love it. please make more.

I'm exactly the sort of monster who tries to solve someone else's crossword on the train so this was a very frustrating experience.
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