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A Meat:
Hey, guess what, the foreign names for Jerusalem artichoke are also wrong, in a different way, people used to be terrible at naming food! I totally included this in my mail, but it didn't make the cut:

"Did you think the name in other languages is somehow a correct one? Well, the answer is no again, as it's called topinambour in a bunch of languages for an equally incorrect reason. It's named after the name for some peoples from the coastal area of Brazil where they thought it came from, which is Tupinambā. It's actually from the east coast of North America"

A Pangolin.

Digital Walnut:
A Jerusalem artichoke is that root vegetable that your sister thinks is a great thing to make latkes out of for thanksgiving, then it gives everyone in the family aggressive diarrhea and we all have to wait in line for the one bathroom in the apartment that makes ghostly whale noises whenever someone flushes the toilet.

This was an experience.  I read the Men Without Hats prompt before listening to the episode and immediately thought of a bunch of Men at Work songs.  I listened, hoping someone would mention my picks, and against all odds someone did.  Thank you John Toast, you're not alone in mixing up good (?) music.


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