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February 20, 2019, 12:18:39 am

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Topic: I'm drunk and have things to say. *hiccup*  (Read 15442 times)

Degen Novel from Upcountry

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I'm drunk and have things to say. *hiccup* #255

Addendum: flavored soju is waaay too smooth and I'm absolutely gonna find more, especially that grapefruit one


Addendum x3: you can (so far) drink when you extract a tooth, fyi

Addendum x4: you ever just drink yourself into a train wreck? Obviously, as this thread exists.  I guess at this time I wanna give thanks to people who believe in me, despite fucking up, forgetting everything, being late all the time, stuff like that. That sort of thing weighs heavily on my mind like 24/7, even though I acknowledge that it's sorta a waste of time???

Life is so terribly weird. But love freely and openly, as we only get one turn on this dumb dustball

Addendum ??: haha chai, you bulbed a posts in progress (you're too kind ;__:)
chai tea latte GirlKisser420
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I'm drunk and have things to say. *hiccup* #256
I'm drinking. I paid my bills while I'm drinking. Most people are associating with friends while they drink. I'm watch space videos on Youtube and paying my bills when I drink. I'm watching this space video

All the bills are paid. Goodnight, homies.
Neal chai tea latte thelizzerd


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I'm drunk and have things to say. *hiccup* #257
those couples walking past my window look really happy tonight, but ive got a whole bottle of wine to myself so whos really winning
Degen Novel from Upcountry chai tea latte Shell Game


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Winc dot com says I oughter serve this rosČ chilled well it's a good thing there's a cold breeze coming in the window because I could no finish this whole bottle before it got warm otherwise