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February 24, 2020, 09:06:57 am

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Topic: What's your punishment drink?  (Read 1932 times)


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What's your punishment drink?
Inspired by the drinks from the ridiculists' stream of Into the Echoside, I want you to go through your inventory of drinks (alcoholic or otherwise, but preferably alcoholic), and come up with a mixture of drinks that would deter you from making mistakes while playing/asking questions about the rules of a Juggalo-made tabletop game. For instance, Lemon used Kraken rum and Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites Soda, while Frank West poured Mountain Dew into a cup and added candy corn and Hershey's chocolate.

Mine would be milk, cinnamon roll vodka, and Country Time pink lemonade powder.
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What's your punishment drink? #1
A chocolate milkshake, but with rum for the alcohol and faygo for the jugallohol.

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What's your punishment drink? #2
This one has been field tested and is essentially the poor man's One Armed Scissor1

But bad

1 part Sköl2

1 Twelve Ounce Can of Stewart's3 Brand Impact™ Energy4

3-4 Ice Cubes

Garnish with 1-2 shots of
Fireball 5

1) I know I could have just called it a Vodka-Red Bull, but I've been relistening to Relationship Of Command

2) a punishment drink in it's own right whose inclusion feels like cheating, but as this based on a real "drink" I've consumed, it will be left in for accuracy

3) God bless their "Ice-Cream shop)7-11/very affordable hangover pizza" soul

4) Hold in your mind the idea of a Red Bull as something relatively unspoiled, whether you believe it is or not. Impact is Red Bull but spoiled. Depending on level of intoxication this will either result in a sour drinking experience, or one that has aged like a fine energy Gouda

5) The inclusion of a devil figure on the front of the bottle of fireball is no doubt intended to reference it's "hot" or "spicy" nature. It also serves as for warning that fireball is in equal measure pretty decent/fun, and a cinnamon nightmare from hell

6) Ballp.it (A fine site, may it never die) does not to the best of my knowledge support the capacity for the insertion of "side-eye" or "bruh i'm sweatin" emojis, so imagine them here at your discretion

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What's your punishment drink? #3
A mixture of wine and gin. With a sweet mixer to go with it, like Irn Bru or bubblegum soda.

My trinity of least favourite drinks, in one godforsaken glass

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What's your punishment drink? #4
A non-dry martini made with Tanqueray.
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What's your punishment drink? #5
Cheap white wine with shots of fruit-flavored vodka in it.  More shots for more punishment!  Varied shots for more punishment!  Red wine if you're out of white wine!  Mix two types of wine together if you run short!


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What's your punishment drink? #6
a Jagermeister Vacation, but without the vacation


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What's your punishment drink? #7
Fireball + black sambuca + cake vodka.

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What's your punishment drink? #8
Bourbon+Galliano+Carnation Instant Breakfast.
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What's your punishment drink? #9
vermouth, freshly squeezed lemon juice, garnished with mint leaves


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What's your punishment drink? #10
Jagermeister in milk. It's as simple as it is horrific.