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August 13, 2020, 12:26:54 am

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Topic: 236: Mana From Heathens  (Read 24040 times)

Achilles' Heelies

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236: Mana From Heathens #105
Which version? That's what they called them wasn't it? When they changed the formula a little and everyone who consumes nothing but soylent began to fall apart both literally and metaphorically?
Shell Game link=topic=2432.msg116358#msg116358 date=152895538 2
It's chai cafe soylent, which I suppose may be slightly more palatable than plain soylent, but I feel gets away from the overall aesthetic of sustenance slurry.

Bobguinary Novel

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236: Mana From Heathens #106
Grinders and Soylent dorks combine to create an injection port that directs soylent directly into your stomach. Gotta be crushing that code and no time for drinking, just pop open the port and dump the soylent directly into your stomach! Also disrupt surgery by doing it yourself with an exacto knife and nail polish remover.
Achilles' Heelies

Shell Game

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236: Mana From Heathens #107
a flavor?! BLASPHEMY


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236: Mana From Heathens #108
Look what is coming over to Great Britain's greatest perverts!



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236: Mana From Heathens #110
So the Dollop podcast just did a piece on Rheinhart, and I had only recently listened to the fplus episode and it's just amazing how a privileged shut-in can just scoop in millions of VC funding like that.