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March 18, 2019, 09:52:14 pm

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Topic: Fake porn titles make me giggle.  (Read 15749 times)


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Fake porn titles make me giggle. #195
"The Filler of Holes" starring Elric of Melniboner

"The Black Wanker" and "Beyond the Black Reamer", starring Onan the Barbarian

And the next three tales in the ongoing adventures of Fuckfhrd and the Gay Mouth-Whore:
"The Seven Black Cocks"
"The Price of Peen-Ease"
"The Bleak Whore"

Hopefully these give people some inspiration for their next game of Sex Dungeons and Dragon Dildos.


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Fake porn titles make me giggle. #196
Bad Dragon Quest
Dr. Buttplug Sham bam bamina! Spenny Shell Game


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Fake porn titles make me giggle. #197
V Has Cum, Too