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December 02, 2023, 06:12:27 am

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Topic: the australia zone  (Read 59618 times)


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the australia zone #150
I mean life is "back to normal" except for the general worry that there are a bunch of people infected with covid that don't seem to give a shit. Barely anyone is wearing a mask on the train I am currently on going to work and people don't seem to give a shit about distancing anymore. I'm just trying to continue as if all the mask mandates were in place and such as it's all I can do.

I get the GC thing. I imagine it's not fun in Coolangatta and the Tweed. I've only got my friends and family to speak for and they are all vaccinated. I think it's harder to convince people when they haven't been affected by it.

Salubrious Rex

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the australia zone #151
Aww yeah, might chuck a wobbly later.


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the australia zone #152
Challenging truths incoming