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Lady Thread 2: Girlectric Boogaloo

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Hiya gals and guys too if this is your thing! I'm resurrecting the lady thread to brag about this awesome moisturizer I've been using. See, I've got a combination skin, and usually face creams leave my skin feeling oily and sticky and generally just not fun. BUT! Ever since I've started using Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C I can get a smooth, soft skin without that nasty oily feeling!*

Advertising talk aside though, this stuff is great and I recommend it for people who can't easy heavy moisturizing products.

*montrith wishes she was being paid for this message, but alas has so far not heard anything from Lumene.

Oh boy! Really excited to be getting in on the ground floor with this one.

Bobguinary Novel:
This might be the thread for it, but, Montrith, I've seen on twitter and in that you are a part of different organizations*. Do you mind telling which ones you are? I was always curious.

*This sounds kinda stalkerish, yikes

junior associate faguar:
I can't click buttons correctly. :'(

Bobguinary Novel:
I can't click buttons correctly. :'(
journeyman faguar, April 17, 2017, 04:04:54 pm
--- End quote ---



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