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August 04, 2020, 12:50:53 pm

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Topic: Patreon in a non-terrible way.  (Read 4569 times)

Schumin Capote

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Patreon in a non-terrible way. #17
shaun and jen is a guy making dry manchester-dialect research-heavy videos deconstructing alt-right morons by actually reading the studies that they cite

nuffkins, of all people,

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Patreon in a non-terrible way. #18
Rob from the Taxpayers just started a patreon where he'll post songs pretty often. He's a super cool person and great musician.

Come join the Song of the Week Club!
Agent Coop Time!

Bobguinary Novel

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Patreon in a non-terrible way. #19
I donate to Hbomberguy, Lou Reads, Bob from bobvids and Kate Leth. I probably shouldn't give Kate Leth money, as she does have a job and shit, but I just really love what she does. Hbomb is totally fucking worth it though.

Fatty Bo Batty

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Patreon in a non-terrible way. #20
I support IDEOTV, and the Ugandan movie studio Wakaliwood.
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