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I apologize for not having done this years ago.

The F Plus website now has a structure to display the artist responsible for an image used in an F Plus episode, as well as the piece title and artist URL. Again, I really wish I would have done that a long time ago, but the point is it's in there now. I did this specifically to credit I used for the r/healsluts episode , but it's also used in the Furoticon ep. Going forward, I will try to include that piece of information when appropriate. To be clear, that means when the episode cover uses a recognizable piece of original art (so probably not something like the cherries in 277).

So that in place, if there's anything in the back catalog you feel can and should be cited, please reply with details here, and I'll adjust the episode pages accordingly.

Sham bam bamina!: (or did Portaxx draw it?)

One Of The Crappy Pokemon That Nobody Likes:
I drew the pony itself but the background was taken from a screencap of the show, so I guess the way to go would be to either credit both sources or neither, but not only credit one.

Using reverse image search, cited four from list above. Also removed a couple (ex: Barney Gumble production image) for not being relevant here.


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