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January 26, 2020, 02:26:11 pm

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Topic: F Plus Live 7: SEATTLE  (Read 20511 times)


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F Plus Live 7: SEATTLE #180
Can't believe I gave chai my ticket just so she could go on stage and fucking slander veggietales.
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Puppy Time

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F Plus Live 7: SEATTLE #181
3. What's the deal with Christian puppet shows? I mean I understand the basic concept ("Kids like puppets, use them for Jesus") but I feel like the only context in which I've seen puppet shows over the past decade has either been in the context of evangelism or those ironic puppet shows where all the puppets swear and fuck. What is it about the medium of puppetry that seems to draw hardcore Christians like moths to a flame?
KingKalamari, November 20, 2018, 08:49:23 pm

The kind of people who make (and consume) Christian stuff* tend to believe that anything that ISN'T specifically Christian is, at best, suspect; at worst, literally demonic and imperiling to one's soul.  Thus, they tend to be suuuuuper behind the times and ignorant to current trends in entertainment.  (I think it also helps that the kind of person who gravitates toward these movements tends to be the kind of person who doesn't like things changing and assumes that everything staying the same from one generation to the next is completely natural.)

Puppet shows were pretty popular in the 70s and 80s, so these guys are chasing that trend and not really positioned to understand that the trend is so dead that it's only accessible via irony.

*as opposed to just stuff that has Christian motifs or philosophy baked in but isn't specifically branded as such

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F Plus Live 7: SEATTLE #182
I wouldn't say the trend is dead. There's a lot of small town conservative churches that are that cut off and still suspect of culture.