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June 03, 2020, 07:39:56 pm

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Topic: Most and Least Likable Subjects?  (Read 3812 times)

Shell Game

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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #15
The big hoop earrings guy is one of my least favorite people covered by the podcast.

Sherman Tank

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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #16
As you might guess from my latest name change, I adore those French idiots who want to go to a remote Nunavut village and teach the locals how be clowns. It's the kind of wacked-out but entirely earnest stupidity that is what brings a special kind of magic to the F Plus's crowdfunding episodes. Plus it allows me to imagine a version of The Terror where clowns are being stalked by a giant killer polar bear which is somehow less scary than the clowns its killing off.
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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #17
A real bad one that I was reminded of recently was the family fixated wedgie fetishist


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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #18
Not really evil like a lot of people mentioned in this thread, but one of the least likable subjects to me is that fetish hipster from the original vore episode.  A truly insufferable perversion of sexuality.

Edit: Also the guy in the inflation episode who took pity on all the normies whose sexual desires are physically capable of being fulfilled.
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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #19
Changing my answers. The most likable subjects are the water gun guys. I love them, they're hilarious, they're stupid, and they're not hurting anyone. Least likable (apart from the obvious of the monkey moms, unschoolers, puas, and people who try and get other people into their fetishes) are the tvtropes people.

Eider Duck

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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #20
I always liked Joan Ocean. At the end of the day, this eccentric woman just really loves and respects dolphins, dimensional hopping or not
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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #21
that one guy who made the gamer's hip clip is very likeable.

most of the people peddling their pseudoscience are very unlikeable to me. that one lady who was selling magic cleaning products on etsy made me roll my eyes into oblivion.
but sometimes the crazy woo peddlers are actually likeable, like the one lady who would wave around a toy magic wand and heal horses with dragon help.

i think it proves that there's an important distinction to be made between the people who genuinely believe in this shit, and the people who may or may not believe in it at all but still choose to profit off of gullible people. the ones that are super into this fantasy land of theirs and just genuinely want to help other people with dragon magic and shit are all cool. but they're usually the ones that end up getting ripped off, and that makes me sad. such is life.
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Ugly In The Morning

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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #22
Iím both hate Dozerfleet a lot and really want more highlights of his madness, itís a weird mix.
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Most and Least Likable Subjects? #23
Excluding the active bigots and abusers, I think my least favorite subjects are the fetishists who are fixated on coercing their uninterested partners into fulfilling their fetishes, or where it seems like a major part of the fetish is the coercion or tricking someone into participating. The hoop-earrings guys have been mentioned and are grotesque, but I also found the watch fetishists who were specifically into borrowing random women's watches to jack off with/on, and then return, to be really unpleasant. There was also the freeballer who was really into freeballing in bike shorts at the public library and positioning himself so that librarians had to stare at his crotch -- ugh.

For most likable, I'm generally okay with fetish episodes where there's clearly a community on both sides of a fetish mutually enjoying it, even though most of those episodes are about objectively weirder things; the recent macro/micro episode, for example, was easier listening for me than many because most of those topics were being participated in by enthusiastic consenting people, even if they were weirdos. I also have a soft spot for people who are clearly just very confused and/or kids, like a lot of the question-askers in the various episodes about Yahoo-Answers-type websites. Some people are just dumb teenagers who have urgent questions about pregnancy despite not being able to spell "pregnant," and I hope they muddle through.
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