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Hoo-boy, we're treading on territory not seen since the glasses fetish episode!

Any sort of fetish that involves "You have been majorly medically fucked-up in some way, that's HOT!" really makes me squeamish in general so you can imagine my reaction to this one (Still probably going to listen to this a few more times though, The only episodes I've yet to listen to at least three or more times are the really early ones and "The Thing You Like in Pain" because I have a serious problem).

I think what's messed up about the "human misery" fetishes featured on the podcast isn't so much the content of the fetishes themselves but the lack of awareness the people who are into it have of the things that get them off. I don't like to judge people for the shit they get off to in general as I think that even fucked up stuff can be explored in a way that isn't harmful: certain subsets of BDSM being a good example of this: There's segments of this fetish that play with idea of consent but most practitioners practice this sort of stuff in controlled situations where both parties are in on the act and have taken safety precautions. However in order to do that you need to have a certain level of self-awareness to the ramifications of the stuff you jerk off to that so many of the subjects of this podcast just don't even think about.

One thing the ridiculists seem to have missed that I wanted to point out: During the super poorly written story about the lady who was in plane crash it was mentioned that the nurse removed her pants to take out her catheter...How exactly did that work? I mean beyond the fact that accident victims are typically changed into gowns when they're taken to the hospital, beyond the question of how the catheter was working if she had pants on...How was she even wearing those things if she didn't have legs?

A foot in mouth joke so early, bravo!

Vinny Possum:
I'm 90% sure that "Johnson" rant was Elon Musk on some sort of experimental psychedelics cut with cocaine.

Really interesting episode. There havenít been many fetish episodes focused on submissive women, so this one is a real stark contrast.


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