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Raise the "Hot Posts" Ceilings?

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So you've probably noticed this as a piece of UX, but each thread has an icon with a couple of signifiers, including whether you've posted in it, whether it's locked, whether it's sticky, and if it's marked as a "hot thread". That is, if a thread has more than 20 posts, it's considered a "hot thread" and has a match. If it has more than 40 posts, it's a "very hot thread", and has a campfire.

Except, here's the "notes from the front lines" subforum right now.

However, the subforum for the podcast is more diverse, as far as it goes.

So does it make sense to change those numbers? If so, to what?

If it's just a raw number of posts, isn't that somewhat redundant with the page indicator?

I'd never really given much attention to the hot thread icons but I'd think they'd be more transient than that. Something is hot because it's active now, not just because it was active a week ago.

Dr. Buttplug:
Maybe an icon of a village on fire for longer running threads like Internet.txt?

Frank West:
Just make it so it's not a hot thread until I post in it

Shell Game:
Just make it so it's not a hot thread until I post in it
Frank West, January 24, 2019, 10:47:12 am
--- End quote ---


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